If rumors of $399 Xbox one w/o disc drive is true, are $499 buyers ripped off?

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  3. If rumors of $399 Xbox one w/o disc drive is true, are $499 buyers ripped off?

User Info: googler

3 years ago#31
People should come to expect this especially from MS. Surface, GfWL, 360 (to some extent), windows vista, windows phone 7, and now Xbox one - nobody should be surprised.
I think there's still no way to win, as what I dont want is Kinect and all the multimedia crap and even with a terabyte had, there still wont be enough space after a short while

User Info: TheSilentRaven

3 years ago#32
krystyla posted...
How are you not banned yet?

User Info: jrush2011

3 years ago#33
1nternationa7 posted...
Why stop there? They could make it $299 without the Kinect since it's just as vital to the system as the disc drive. Then you could have the Xbox One Poverty Edition.

No Xbox DRONE "eye"? Never!... Microsoft is in bed with the government, Microsoft who can't tie their own shoe laces without first releasing a patch took credit for fixing healthcare.gov after the "government" who also can't tie their own shoe laces couldn't get it working with "the best brains in the world". Im sure the imbeciles celebrating POTUS's speech also populate this forum so these facts will draw a blank.

The same government who gave documents to POTUS's illegal aunt and uncle who mooched off of hard working immigrants and taxpayers for over 20 years has yet to legalize immigrants who actually work to support the same government that takes their money then deports them. Apparently the immigrants that put food on your table aren't as important as drug legalization and gay agendas.

Perhaps if immigrants started wearing black shoe polish on their exposed skin along with smoking marijuana and draping a rainbow flag around them they would be treated with the respect they deserve. What else do you expect from a government that claims they're against terrorist then turns around and harbors Posada Carriles "the godfather of terrorism" who happens to be the apparent idol of congresswoman Illeana Ros who also lobbied for Orlando Bosh another terrorist over 30 years ago.

You'll always catch Illeana Ross talking about Castro and legally elected leaders of other countries more than she talks about her own husband or her over 30 year political dictatorship. She seems a bit obsessed and a little too pre occupied with the business of other countries and that's not what the taxpayers are paying her for. She has been congresswoman longer than the leaders she's always rambling on about. After seeing her interview on "right hand media" A fondo con Sevcec it didn't take long to figure out her taxpayer salary is being wasted on cosmetic surgery. why is that woman lobbying for criminals including over the over 20 that were locked up in a Bahamian jail before they came to live in the US. Why would she lobby for criminals? The 20 or so formerly in a bahamian jail committed treacherous acts against their country before being arrested in the bahamas and escaping twice there. I understand they're all living happily ever after in the banana republic of Miami along with Posada Cariles. Did I mention Posada Cariles "the godfather of terrorism" received a "key to the city" from the city commission and Mayor of hialeah who happens to be a former cop?

I don't fund government sponsored companies that spy on american citizens.

upon information anf belief
BigWorldJust @ bluehat94 11/12/2011 8:37:18 PM "Lol, you know more than me and I beat the game :P." TROLL!! OWNED!

User Info: NinjaDeath911

3 years ago#34
Spetsnaz420 posted...
Anyone buying a driveless xbox are morons. They are the ones getting ripped off since you lose blu-ray playback and are a slave to the higher priced digital market.

And those ps3-like slow download speeds
I don't understand how come m$ keeps dropping the ball this gen?
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  3. If rumors of $399 Xbox one w/o disc drive is true, are $499 buyers ripped off?

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