PS4 selling 50% more than Xbox1 in Britain

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User Info: strawberry11

3 years ago#21
BdowDELL222 posted...
Remember y'all that 50% is not double folks. It's a 1 to 1.5 ratio. Xbox One will do fine overall.

Lol maths
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User Info: ssjgohhku

3 years ago#22

User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#23
krystyla posted...
strawberry11 posted...
Hustler Nine posted...
Once Sony ships more consoles there the gap will widen. Driveclub will push PS4 even further. UK loves racing games.
Also all multiplatform games are selling better on PS4 and this will continue in the future.

I just can't see how Titanfall will help there when it's available for the much cheaper X360. Who on earth is going to spend 423 pounds for a system plus Gold sub(the game is online only title) in order to play it when they can buy for X360?

But if they have a 360 then almost certainly they already have Gold no? I'm pretty sure XB1 will get a significant boost from TitanFall here. If 360 was so popular in UK, than that indicates there is an appetite here for the competitive shooters that so exemplify the Xbox brand. But I don't think it will be anywhere near enough to close the gap. Also, things like FFXIV will give a significant boost to PS4. I think the thing that Sony are doing wrong in Europe is in delaying the PS Now service. Especially in the UK, with lots of people making or thinking about making the switch to Playstation from Xbox, the chance to try out PS3 games they never got to play before would be a huge incentive.
MS seem to be doing a whole lot more wrong, right from the get-go. Even utter non- gamers I know here have commented upon what an utter balls up the XB1 seems to be

PlayStation now will not function properly w/o server farms in Europe and gaikai just doesn't have any right now. It's not a coincidence Now nay launches in the US for now.

You know this, how? Are you working for Sony and know their server allocation in Europe?

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User Info: ComradeRyan

3 years ago#24
Not surprised at all.
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User Info: SoulTrapper

3 years ago#26
The sales numbers for both consoles are good, but MS has lost territory everywhere, even in the US.

It's a pretty clear message by a large part of their fan base that the direction they chose is not the one they want.

The leak about a disc-less, cheaper xbox so soon after launch, seems to indicate that MS thinks the price difference is the biggest stick in their wheels at this point.

User Info: DarthDitka

3 years ago#27
Oh no! I must sell my X1 now and buy a PS4.
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User Info: Superman070776

3 years ago#28
Ok, so for people in the UK, this will be important, but I am not going to be sad that there is a smaller chance that I will get put in a lobby with guys from the UK. I love listening to them say things, but the connection is usually terrible between us. I am fine with Sony selling more.

User Info: renskyfire

3 years ago#29
DarthDitka posted...
Oh no! I must sell my X1 now and buy a PS4.

SONY DOESN'T WANT YOU FILTHY HERETIC! Sony, blessed be it's most HOLY name was gravely insulted when you bought that filthy dirty XBox One! Sony is a benevolent company to its true followers but wrathful to the apostates that dare pledge their allegiance to the great evil, XBox One. Stay in your dirty XBox One hovel, for the enlightened halls of Sony shall never be dirtied by you!

Or something....Wonder what that makes me since I have both XD.
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User Info: TrueBlue91

3 years ago#30
Not surprised TC. My local GAME doesn't even have an Xboc One display unit and the shelf of XB1 games is always deserted. I also know literally one person that owns an XB1. Just one.
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