The trolling is starting to work...

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User Info: HamburgerTime88

3 years ago#11
TJ_UNLIMITED posted...
Pulp posted...
That's not trolling...that's informing you of FACTS.

Facts suck. Better to be ignorant and happy, imo.

On this board, everything negative is trolling, whether it's a fact or opinion. The PS4 isn't much better but this board certainly takes the cake. It's like a bunch of kids with their fingers in their ears screaming "lalalalalala"

---"I'm going to bang your mouth""eat my cheese" manbirds---

User Info: Rybal

3 years ago#12
PS4 doesn't have a youtube app yet and The Division was delayed for both consoles.

Just keeping things honest.

If you were planning on playing it for 6 years and the games were there, then the rest is pretty much irrelevant. If you hate the PS controller, you aren't likely to suddenly start liking it simply because your game gets a higher framerate or resolution.

If, on the other hand, you were only looking forward to Titanfall, then you may have been hasty in your initial purchase.
To all trolls (and those that are tired of the trolling) -
PSN: Rybal_81
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