Will Microsoft's exclusives look better, same or worse than Sony exclusives?

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User Info: stawg007

3 years ago#11
Based on last gen and the fact the best looking game so far Is Ryse on the supposedly weaker and harder to develop for console I'd imagine there won't be a massive difference in terms of graphics

Some difference yes but not enough to care unless you're a fanboy of either brand

and before someone comes in flaming me, yes KZ looks gorgeous but i do think Ryse looks better

User Info: oldhbk76

3 years ago#12
microsoft exclusives are always better than the other companies
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User Info: daniel79

3 years ago#13
TarotXIII posted...
Xbox is getting such better games imo. dead rising 3, Fable legends, halo 2 remake, new halo, new gears of war

Corr blimey, a new geeers and Halo (Not made by their original devs, either..), where do I sign?

They sound awsum bro..

User Info: benjimain

3 years ago#14
Well consider three things:

1) - We know that the PS4 is factually more powerful than the Xbox One with a better architecture for ease of development

2) - Killzone: Shadow Fall, for whatever you feel about its gameplay, utterly smokes any X1 exclusive in terms of visuals and all at 1080p.

3) - Multiplats are entirely better on the PS4, with the trend not slowing down.

I think it's safe to say that a developer working with just the PS4 architecture, without having to worry about anything weaker slowing it down, will create far superior graphics than the X1 could ever dream of running.

User Info: TheCyborgNinja

3 years ago#15
mokmuud posted...
Pokerkid777 posted...
Flare1721 posted...
Delkura posted...
Ryse already looks better than any PS4 game I've seen.

Except Killzone

killzone sf looks like a ps2 game lol

Yeah if that's the case ryse looks like an N64 game.

"My dad could beat up your dad!" Come on guys, seriously? The correct answer is also Tomb Raider: DE!!!

Seriously, though... While I have no interest in the PS4, the average first-party games will look better in the short-term. Once the eSRAM gets put to better use, and the GPU gets unlocked more, it will be pretty close.
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  3. Will Microsoft's exclusives look better, same or worse than Sony exclusives?

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