Will Black Ops 3 sell poorly on XB1?

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User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#1
Will Black Ops 3 sell poorly on XB1? - Results (112 votes)
Yes, plenty of FPS titles like Titanfall, Destiny and the new Halo will be enough for people to play.
11.61% (13 votes)
Yes, CoD has gone to the dogs.
17.86% (20 votes)
No, It has the potential to outsell Titanfall, Destiny and new Halo.
10.71% (12 votes)
No, CoD is a successful franchise and lots of people will buy it no matter what.
59.82% (67 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Vote Now.
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User Info: zmouse

3 years ago#2
It's cod even if it sucks(stays the same) it will probably outsell one to all of those.

User Info: Lawboy2

3 years ago#3
It's COD baby

User Info: LostOdyssey17

3 years ago#4
Black Ops is actually the good call of duty. The Ghosts and modern warfare ones suck. Plus a lot of people are itchin for next gen nazi zombies. BLOPS3 will sell like ice cream at a summer fat kid camp.
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User Info: Bryant187

3 years ago#5
Lawboy2 posted...
It's COD baby

Indeed. Whether you like it or don't, there millions who will buy it because of the main title Call of Duty.
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User Info: lunaticcore

3 years ago#6
I love Black Ops.
Black Op 3 will probably push COd back into crazy sales status. Hopefully Treyarch has something amazing like the pick 10 system and points for everything system again for this one.

Ghosts was fail.

User Info: singhellotaku

3 years ago#7
It'll do fine, it has a much larger fanbase than titanfall or halo could ever hope for and peoples hate of ghosts will only drive them away from IW, most people are pretty happy with Treyarch at the moment.
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User Info: Lawboy2

3 years ago#8
Isn't their a naw developer for COD....heard sledgehammer

User Info: necro00

3 years ago#9
Lawboy2 posted...
Isn't their a naw developer for COD....heard sledgehammer

Sledgehammer worked on MW3, they arent really new.

User Info: motoraptor

3 years ago#10
Well considering Sledgehammer is rumored to be developing this year's CoD, not Treyarch, I assume Black Ops 3 to be a 2015 release. I won't be picking up this year's CoD, because of Titanfall, Destiny, Halo 2/5. So many anticipated shooters along with the transition of developers is all the more reason not to pick it up, for me personally. I know it'll sell because it's CoD but I'm not picking it up.

Next year though, who knows. I have always preferred Treyarch over IW and the shooter space isn't as crowded as 2014 (that may or may not change in the future).
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