Why do people view Titanfall as a win for MS?

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  3. Why do people view Titanfall as a win for MS?

User Info: SomboSteel

3 years ago#111
VIC10U5 posted...
Laylow12 posted...
It doesn't look that good to me and since its been confirmed 720p I'm not impressed with it.


Yeah, but you're a troll so nothing you say matters.


User Info: lunaticcore

3 years ago#112
Titanfall is legit. It pretty much all I want to play right now. Probably gonna force myself to play Bf4 the rest of the month for the bonuses though.

I think it is funny how much people troll on and on about resolution and frames but expect gamers to just stick with current gen versions that will certainly have worse textures and framerates. It's not about buying an Xbox One for one game. You are upgrading from your 8 year old console and moving on across the board. Titanfall being amazing and so soon after launch is just an awesome bonus. It was well beyond time to get a better console.

As far as the Pc version is concerned.. well there is clearly a lot of reason why certain gamers have been playing on consoles for years now and don't buy these games on PC. These MS exclusives being on PC are a non-issue for console gamers. Didn't bother me when Gears was Pc, Didn't effect me when Halo got the deluxe PC treatment. I don't care about the amazing mods for the Bethesda games. I don't use my Pc for games. I grew up with a controller in my hand.

User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#113
I wonder when these hoplites will exhaust themselves from this constant deflection. It has to be tiring.
"Maybe all these clowns should chill out and stop trolling me." - MetroidFan9999
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