pc vs xbox 1

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User Info: MastaMugen

3 years ago#11
Orumov8888 posted...
Can play old games on pc, and they never become obsolete, pc has better graphics and xbox one can do what pc could do 5 yrs ago in short xbox is garbage u guys are dumb for getting it

Lol worst troll attempt I've seen since joining last week. That says something dude... That says A LOT on this forum...

User Info: richboy900

3 years ago#12
I'm usually a console guy, but the Xbox one is so weak that I'm seriously considering pc gaming. $500 would get you a fine gpu, that's for sure. 1080p would be the norm, which isn't the case with even some of the games on ps4 (bf4).

Still interested in xb1, but it needs massive price drop before i even think of buying it.

User Info: Pulp

3 years ago#13
Weak Trolling...
Contest Abuse - You have lost the right to dispute or appeal further moderations.

User Info: Kupo_Mog_Kupo

3 years ago#14
Pulp posted...
Weak Trolling...

Yes(and flaming lol) but mods sleep on this topic yet delete other ones. Just shows how things are really.
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