Xbox one owners...Xbox one 3.3M sold PS4 4.7M sold

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User Info: AkumaOutsider

3 years ago#91
VIC10U5 posted...
Maverickneo posted...
You are right. Just checked. The high sales for PS4 are in Euprope.

and I will enjoy the games! lol

Europeans are stupid.

Lol. Typical. Pathetic

User Info: Lawboy2

3 years ago#92
I don't see how this is bad....combined both companies have nearly sold 10 million units in a little over 2 months...that's a feat in itself....yay video gaming

User Info: digidevilwil

3 years ago#93
Xbox 360 was a strong platform last gen, especially early on when Sony was massively fumbling with the very Unappealing launch scenario the PS3 went through, by the end of the gen, PS3 pretty much pulled out on top, though the early gen losses can't go unnoticed.

Now the PS4 has launched in a 1000% better situation, along with picking up off of the excellent momentum Sony has built up throughout the gen, so people who are choosing Microsoft this gen seem like they like to gamble.

PS4 is going to be a successful platform no doubt. I would go as far as saying it will win this gen by default. It's pretty much a question of what Microsoft will do themselves to keep the console relevant because 3rd party support is either going to be taking the simple multi plat route, or developing on the console that has the most appeal potential for them...this pretty much means any exclusive Japanese developers chooses to make will be going to the PS4, Wii U, or handhelds, and while I can easily see some western devs popping an exclusive here and there for the X1, I'm not expecting anything overly substantial.
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User Info: Megid-Mitch

3 years ago#94
Maverickneo posted...
According to VG charts...Xbox one sold 3.3 Million and PS4 sold 4.7 Million

Is anyone concerned? Why is this? Is it the usual Japan and China refuse to buy american and go with Sony?

Now considering that it is only February and its been about 2 months since both consoles released, I hope XBOX picks up in sales because I dont want my console to go the way of the WiiU.

Unlike Americans the Asian community back their systems first. They have more sense to purchase local. We think we are liberal exotic purchasers and everybody well love us....well?
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User Info: Spetsnaz420

3 years ago#96
Superman070776 posted...
chestershadow posted...
scorpio man posted...
ponies are trying so hard to justify their paperweight

A paperweight that is outselling your precious little xbox one (which is an actual paper weight when you dont connect it to the internet every few hours).

Keep crying though, your tears are delicious.

So if it is so bad, why are the only people concerned about it, Sony fans? We don't care if it sells 6 billion or 6 million. We have the console we want, and obviously as tax refunds start coming in, more people will get their console of choice. MS doesn't have to win the generation, it only has to exist. I will play the games that come out, and have a ton of fun. The only people getting worked up about numbers like frames, pixels, and console sales are only here to troll. None of us is half as concerned as Sony fans.

Lmao that's a load of crop and you know it... This board was ablaze with MS sold more in December and fastest selling console of all time for like 2 weeks straight with more than enough spilling into the PS4 boards. I don't care what people talk about here but the hypocrisy here is basically unbearable and only further encourages the kind of trolling people cry about every day.
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User Info: enigmamj

3 years ago#97
Good sales for both.

Now the difficult stretch is ahead for both. The hardcore have in large part bought the systems. Both companies now need the casuals to embrace their consoles. It will most likely take a better software library or in some cases a price drop to get the casuals to jump on board.

User Info: chubbychaser

3 years ago#98
X1 is gonna sell like hot cake in japan.
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User Info: benjimain

3 years ago#99
chubbychaser posted...
X1 is gonna sell like hot cake in japan.

User Info: Kupo_Mog_Kupo

3 years ago#100
SomboSteel posted...
BeefEaster posted...
don't put this on me

it's not my fault MS released an underpowered, overpriced console

I was fully prepared to buy an xbox one until it was revealed how big of a step backwards it was from the 360, which is one of my all time favorite consoles

How is it not on you? Do you not choose how you act?? So because the Xbox One wasn't exactly what you wanted, you are literally FORCED to act like the way you do on these boards?

Why not grow up accept responsibility for who you are and how you act?

If LeBron shoots below 56 percent for the regular(obviously) season(2013-14) I'll close my account.
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