30fps 720p is not bad at all

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User Info: Xuande12

3 years ago#11
That's what my Vita gets when I play my PS4 from work.
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User Info: tadmfpole

3 years ago#12
my current game collection

User Info: Hypnofear

3 years ago#13
My take is that it will always be down to the gameplay experience, Dead Rising 3 is only 720p and 30fps but is so far my favourite next gen game.

I can tell it's not 1080p and I can tell it's not 60fps, do I care? Absolutely not. Other people might care but that's up to them to decide. I'll carry on playing the games that enjoy and that's all that matters.
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User Info: adz_91

3 years ago#14
jasomramirez666 posted...
People can barely tell the difference of 30 and 60fps. Our eyes and minds don't process images super fast so its a pretty negligible difference.

Also to really enjoy a 1080p experience, you need a TV at least 50" or bigger. If you game in a TV that is around 30 to below 50" - which most people do - 720p is fine.

I think MS did a good job on taking into account how gamers play their games and focusing on futuristic gaming features. Not just buffing up an old console.

Who are these people you speak of?
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User Info: VInaros

3 years ago#15
PominAus posted...
*takes cover*

Quit hogging it!

User Info: samuraigaiden

3 years ago#16
TC, google 'Stockholm syndrome'.

User Info: PominAus

3 years ago#17
VInaros posted...
PominAus posted...
*takes cover*

Quit hogging it!

Heeeeeeeell no!
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User Info: Saga3

3 years ago#18
Reassurance topic #1000000804

User Info: eureka6676

3 years ago#19
samuraigaiden posted...
TC, google 'Stockholm syndrome'.

'Post-purchase rationalization' is more specific.

User Info: Luiz_AMN

3 years ago#20
It is.
You say 30 or 60? That it's relative, depend of the kind of game. But no eye BS.
Now saying that 1080p doesn't really matter? Come on.
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