Digital Foundry bashes the XB1 media capabilities.

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User Info: schmarkenheimer

3 years ago#31
The media box can't properly do media and Sony can't do better than their old release. Nice.
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User Info: strawberry11

3 years ago#32
IKnowGameFu posted...
strawberry11 posted...
benjimain posted...
Poor MS is really floundering with this console.

Yeah, they've been caught on the hop. They clearly rushed the console out too quickly, to go toe to toe with Sony. Then they were chasing their tails when they scrapped the whole DRM system.

To a certain extent, regarding media capabilities, the same criticisms can be levelled at the PS4. But Sony always pushed The PS4 for its gaming bells rather than its multimedia whistles, so they can be cut more slack in that regard.

Hopefully, most of the issues identified by DF on both consoles can be sorted out by future updates. But I don't really see how MS are ever going to satisfactorily be able to sort out the 50hz issue on XB1 whilst retaining its core quick snapping multimedia thing

They both rushed their systems and Sony shouldn't be cut any slack either.

But PS4 was never sold to the public as a multimedia capable jackofalltrades. It was pushed for its oomph as a gaming system, pure and simple. That bit they have got right. It is clearly a capable system, more so than X1.

You could argue Sony fell short because it lacks exclusives at launch. But that's misguided. Sony sold the machine as a developer friendly device, which benefits gamers. They were pointedly moving away from their reliance on 1st party developers being able to realise the potential of the machine, as was the case with PS3. This was being sold as a machine to be accommodating to the wider development community. And with early multiplatform games consistently outperforming their X1 counterparts and providing the superior experience, they have made good on that.

The X1was sold on a completely different basis. Whether that was a sensible strategy by MS is open to debate. Penello peddling his transparently false "1080p 60 fps isn't so great" bull whilst they completely lose their dominant market share in the UK would suggest they maybe it wasn't. But that's where they went. But the USP that they pushed for the machine right from the start basically doesn't work outside USA. So they don't get any slack.
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