thanks for supporting America. buying Xbox supports the us

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User Info: Ryan-06

3 years ago#131
PominAus posted...
soulofninjasoul posted...
Man, I grow tired of people who buy systems that are based in foreign country's and those console liberals that take their socialism and try to ruin America with buying Japanese systems. Thanks for buying an American product... Its one of my dreams come true.

Thank you for buying the Xbox one and supporting your country


tc take your trash to the politics board.
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User Info: BalloonBollicks

3 years ago#132
I'm in the UK (Northern Ireland) and fully intended buying an Xbox One until I saw how little any other country were thought of, the trailer at launch in Europe was telling us how much American 'football' we could watch on the XBONE......hello Japan.
Currently the proud owner of a PS4, which led me to the best discovery of my 30year gaming life, the Vita. I was like everyone else, I regretted buying the Vita at launch until I got the PS4 and had another go, the Vita now has games coming out of its ears and they are belters.
Anyway being proud of where you just happened to be geographically when you were pushed out onto the earth is the most retarded thing I have ever heard of.

User Info: Ryan-06

3 years ago#133
Have no interest in Vita, but you made the right choice for the long run.
Power of da Cloud confirmed, see the difference!,

User Info: AndnA3

3 years ago#134
If buying either consoles supports idiotic topics like this I'd rather play Tetris.

User Info: Smackpwn

3 years ago#135
I support capitalism which means buying the best product and forcing the inferior producers to get better, supporting america blindly instead of forcing american companies to compete with superior japanese companies isent going to save america's economy, all it will do is put us into the stone age......trying to turn us into North Korea where you think your garbage is hot shi* when its not?

User Info: Demyxus

3 years ago#136
Right.. This would limit the buying of consoles, at least at this moment, only to the U.S and Japan. So your point about people buying a different console than one made in the U.S. is far more destructive. Nice try
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User Info: cheapchip

3 years ago#137
AkumaOutsider posted...
How has this topic still not been modded yet?

This is gamefaqs dude, deal with it really.

Last time I got modded for stating my rational opinion in a troll topic.
See you in 30 minutes... ll
(message deleted)

User Info: MajinKogahazan

3 years ago#139
MegaWentEvil posted...
You Americans are every bit as monstruous as Christians.

So not all that much and very few of us?
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User Info: darealest47

3 years ago#140
TC made the puppets dance for him like a true Puppetmaster
won't change this sig until pittsburgh steelers gets their 7th ring
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