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User Info: krillens

3 years ago#33
i play these games on PC... so i cant really speak for the console experience... but BF has always outshined COD

BF only gets better with each expansion and new game. COD only gets worse.

i am getting tired of the modern warfare though... i would love for BF to go back to vietnam.
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User Info: studepaber

3 years ago#34
Gotta agree with the TC although I haven't played Ghosts. I was a fan of both BF and COD for awhile but have lost interest in COD since Modern Warfare 2 (due to lack of innovation/minor graphical improvements). BF4 is definitely my most played game on the XB1, I never get tired of a good 32v32 conquest match, and while I wish it was a smoother game experience I still have a blast with it.

User Info: Darkside_Shadow

3 years ago#35
I play both. I would feel like a loser if I could only play one.

User Info: 0PTICS

3 years ago#36
I too did not like Ghost when I played it on the 360. When I got my X1, I also grabbed BF4. Campaign was below average when compared to Ghost's. Online was good. Counter knife is annoying and stupid. Sniper kills feel more rewarding. Not being able to change your loadout outside a match (not including the battleground app) is dumb. Had the game for two months and rarely played it the last month. Lost my data/unlocks a few times. I got fed up after the last one and just decided to sell it and grab Ghosts to fill in the FPS gap between now and Titanfall. I did miss the fast paced gameplay though. Theres probably some reasons for it, but I am enjoying Ghosts a bit more on the X1 than the 360 though.
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