Ubisoft Has Abandoned Their Watch Dogs Trademark

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User Info: That_Damn_Kid

3 years ago#1

I'm not a kid, I just act like one
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User Info: BadLuckInc

3 years ago#2
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User Info: -FryShakeWad-

3 years ago#3
They better rename it drop it for WiiU and release it soon.

If no release at all what a waste. I can't see that happening with all the time and resources they put in it.

User Info: KID VID

3 years ago#4
Maybe they're calling it something different?
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User Info: Lawboy2

3 years ago#5
What does this mean

User Info: xFrostxPhoenix

3 years ago#6
Theirs rumors that it could become Assassin's Creed V, and finally set Assassin's Creed into the modern-era. Didn't Ubisoft say at one point, that they wanted Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed in the same universe?
GT: xFrostxPhoenix
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User Info: TMOG

3 years ago#7
They realized they didn't have an Ass Crud game ready for its yearly release, so they're retooling a game that actually looks interesting.

User Info: benjimain

3 years ago#8
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User Info: Lawboy2

3 years ago#9
Ubisoft has already said that they will not release a modern version of assasins creed

User Info: ozran

3 years ago#10
Has this been reported by other news sites yet?
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