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User Info: Reaper_Chris92

3 years ago#31
Halo. It is overrated and the Gears storyline is much better.
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User Info: EternalStutter

3 years ago#32
Reaper_Chris92 posted...
Halo. It is overrated and the Gears storyline is much better.

I think you're confused

User Info: PominAus

3 years ago#33
EternalStutter posted...
SigmaLongshot posted...
I would opt for Halo.

In terms of design (both visual and skeletal), Halo edges out Gears in many ways. In fact back when I did my Master's Degree it was when the original Gears came out, and it was used by our industry lecturers as an example of bad visual design.

Even using the most basic techniques such as the silhouette technique - you can see what they mean (the silhouette technique is where you take the frame of a character, vehicle or weapon, colour it in entirely black, and try to identify exactly what you're being shown instantly). In Gears of War (original only), the game features muscular humanoids carrying rifles. Your enemies are muscular humanoids carrying rifles. Both silhouettes are extremely similar. In Halo, you are a humanoid and your comrades are humanoid, but the silhouettes of your enemies are: little tortoise beaver-thing, tall cobra-headed satyr thing, little lithe raptor-esque skinny beastie, and so on. Every enemy is instantly recognised from silhouette alone.

And not just talking about silhouettes - the dichotomy of human and alien technology (in fact arguably the only muddiness started to appear when Forerunner tech got added in, which didn't differentiate enough to be "unique") - Assault rifle, Charge-up EMP pistol, Gun that fires purple homing explosion glass, grenade launcher with a Bat'leth on the end and so forth - every one of the weapons is completely and utterly unique.

Halo also introduced the gameplay trifecta - Gunfire, Melee and Grenades. In FPS, usually the most important thing would be gunfire, but in Halo all three have equal weight in causing damage to your foes, meaning you are always switching range to be effective. This makes battle more intimate. Include increased damage (shields) lengthening battles to allow for more strategy, and increased mobility (with the infamous space-leaping) and Halo is more about psychological mind-games than twitch-shooter reflexes.

Gears of War got a LOT better as the series progressed, but I still say Halo is a far better example of more fun, accomplished game design.

Damn! Props for this man

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User Info: Homie_202

3 years ago#34
Halo Gears hasn't been great since the first one. The second one had TERRIBLE MP and a not so great campaign the 3rd one had better MP but it was forgettable and a good SP and judgment. Well that game was just bad all around.

User Info: 2ndAtomisk

3 years ago#35
I'd rather have Gears as I'm not really a fan of games that are 1st person with the exception of TES. And even still that allows a switch to 3rd person at will.
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User Info: stawg007

3 years ago#36
Gears easily

Halo has and probably always will be awful imo unless they take the series in a totally different direction

Crappy cartoony looking enemies, rubbish story, boring gameplay(especially the campaigns, ugh, awful)

Gears however, is pretty awesome, 1 and 3 are anyway

User Info: lnfested_Zombie

3 years ago#37

I love it, from 1st - Judgement..
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User Info: MrSpaM111

3 years ago#38
Really surprised by the answers in this topic, I'd have thought Halo would have won this hands down, seems it's like 80/20 in Gears' favor.
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User Info: crynryan

3 years ago#39
I would take Gears, and drop Halo. Halo's getting a TV series and had a web series, plus multiple books. So it seems like there's quite a bit of it, while not nearly as much Gears. While Gears honestly doesn't have the greatest story, Halo isn't exactly cream of the crop either.

But Halo to me just isn't fun. Mainly because I don't prefer FPS's, but for me the gameplay just isn't there. Gears on the other hand keeps getting better and better (with more features being added like bagging and tagging or mantle kicking), while Halo for the most part stays the same (the main big differences in the recent games are armor abilites, they really don't change a whole lot of the core gameplay).

I also like a more character driven experience, where Halo you just play as red or blue spartan (Halo 4 lets you play as virtual spartans even). Gears has all the main characters playable, and even characters that weren't part of the stories (Alex Brand).

As a whole though, I like the more close quarters combat with the smaller maps (Gears with more than 10-12 people would pretty much ruin a lot of it) than the wide open maps that Halo (there's vehicles and whatnot plus tons of players so the maps had to be pretty big) has. But while both have practically the same loadout/weapon spawn systems (weapons laid out around the map, can only spawn with certain low-tier weapons), they're pretty much the same in that regard.
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User Info: Landonio

3 years ago#40
Now? Gears.

5 years ago? Halo.
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