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User Info: Bladin

3 years ago#1
Now I've always been kinda iffy on the 360 interface, I feel like it's always been almost there. I've put about 25 hours into the system and games so will put my experiences with each part I've spent time with.

1. Interface: I enjoy the more modern look and I enjoy the personalized colors. But I had some difficulty which might be user error. First off the store is imho terrible, it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to even find the game section since every time I opened the app, it went into the movie section and there was absolutely no way to change from movies to games. I finally went to the home screen and went over to the store page, which was a big ahah. But it makes the voice command of go to store worthless unless it's saved to what your already wanting.

Let alone the initial wifi setup didn't let me select a network so I had to type it in which didn't work then it let me do it right. And the TV setup menu is awful.

I feel like the voice commands make the menu work otherwise I feel it's not very convenient.

Overall I think they have a good start but it needs some polishing.

2. Kinect: what is there to say it works 95% of the time. And the 5% sucks. I do hate how specific the commands have to be. But in dr3 being able to shout to attract the zombies works almost flawlessly and is a great feature. Also I have to be facing the Kinect otherwise the failure rate skyrockets.

3. Apps: YouTube absolutely terrible interface. Probably worst I've ever used. Netflix is good but like all non pc devices they just need to give you menus. The Tiles remind me of ps3 hull which sucked.

4. Games: killer instinct looks too grainy and the combat didn't appeal to me. Dr3 best game I've ever played on a console so far. Constant fun. Tons of freedom. Good Kinect and great smart glass integration.

5. Controller besides the shoulder buttons which I don't have an opinion yet, I feel it's a huge improvement especially the triggers. It also feels much lighter.

Overall it seems like a good starting place and in comparison to the 360 which had those godawful blades I think it's a fairly solid base which could use some work but doesn't need to be remade.

I'd rate the console an 8/10 so far. Excited to see the Console expand and improve.
FC 5241-1912-1364

User Info: bob15x

3 years ago#2
your netflix comment.

I hate the netflixs on practically everything but the pc. You have to know what you want to watch or hope something is up on the menus.

I like the pc because you can actually browse through all their content. I had that on a samsung bluray player that was older, but now it seems that functionality is gone from everywhere.

You know there is an issue when you have to use the PC to find a movie you want to watch, then go to your console and search for it.
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