Wow! Gamestop has a layway program for X1's

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User Info: Blizz87

3 years ago#31
Anyone that thinks having money makes you have a good life is a idiot. Money just makes things a little bit easier but it still can't buy happiness. I didn't grow up with a sliver spoon in my mouth, not did I grow up in a suburb, and I worked for everything that I had/have. Nothing was given to me EVER.

User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#32
Def_S0ul posted...
CaIiber345 posted...

Why do so many people on Gamefaqs equate not having a lot of money to being stupid and inferior to everyone else? And only people over a specific financial threshold should enjoy things like video games? Arrogance and elitism disgust me.

That's typically how these xbone fanboys think. You won't see that kind of attitude with the PS4 fans. Besides only a pc master race have the right to comment like that. Even if that poster owns a high end gaming pc what the hell is he/she doing with that xbone? If he/she is truely an elitist he/she would never own a filthy console like the xbone. These xbone fanboys are talking smack that's all. Proud to own a $500 console that's significantly weaker than the competition and pales in comparison to high end pc's. Didn't even get his/her money's worth. Let them enjoy their overpriced filthy console littered with useless features and forced bundled peripheral that nobody wants. The PS4 definitely have a slow start on exclusives but ones they come out they will blow their overpriced and bloated competitor out of the water.

LMFAO. So obvious. But that bolded part - just the other day when the 'leak' about PS Now came out, there was PS fans mocking people for being 'poor' because they didn't like the idea of the price.


Edit: Sigma, what was the topic about that got deleted?
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User Info: robat223

3 years ago#33
Obviously the children of poor people should just be miserable. It has worked for centuries... /sarcasm
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User Info: ComradeRyan

3 years ago#34
Makes sense to me since it costs more compared to its competitors. I always see Xbox Ones sitting on the shelves while PS4s are sold out.
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User Info: Exodus_Prime

3 years ago#35
SunDevil77 posted...
dolabla posted...
Yep, they must be desperate to sell them. Just to get any little money they can get ($25 in this case).

Usually you might would put something on layaway if you happen to be in the store one day and they have an item that's really hard to find, but you might not have the money at that time to fully pay for it; then you put it on layaway and they hold it for you. They usually ask for you to put down a certain amount of money/percentage.

Lol you suck at being subtle

LOL I know, you could just picture his troll face not being able to help himself typing that up.
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User Info: DeadlyKrueger

3 years ago#36
lay-a-way is the same as a pre-order at gamestop. So I guess if you pre-order your games your poor? what kind of logic is that?!

User Info: GamecubeIchiban

3 years ago#37
Pulp posted...
Oh well, I always like interesting new ways to market and sell stuff...but if you need to put it on layaway, you should probably NOT be spending your free time gaming.

who are you to judge...? You sound borderline racist...

User Info: GamecubeIchiban

3 years ago#38
Pulp posted...
What does annoy me is seeing folks on welfare and subsidized housing, and of course tons of them always have videogames and a super nice TV. Thank goodness for layaway and Store financing.

why does that "annoy" you...? what are you getting at ?

User Info: Pulp

3 years ago#39
yerbw posted...
why does that "annoy" you...? what are you getting at ?

If you are seems pretty clear what I am getting at. If you are stuck, ask a trusted adult to help....
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User Info: GamecubeIchiban

3 years ago#40
lilj812 posted...
Like I said, I feel sorry for you. The way I see it, if you have lots of money in your saving accounts, thousands of dollars saved here an there and dropping 500 bucks on a video game console is nothing but chump change, you shouldn't even be playing video games.

If you have money where spending money on an Xbox one is nothing or if you didn't have to save much at all to get it, then instead of playin video games you should be out exploring the world and helping to feed homeless people, starving kids in various places, etc etc. you should be going out to clubs and bars and meeting people, going on hikes to wonderful places, traveling on the weekends to see beautiful sights.

Instead with all that money and all those resources you play video games and post on gamefaqs?

Yea, I feel real sad for you.

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