Don't have XBox One? Why?

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User Info: deadmarv

3 years ago#31
ComradeRyan posted...
I also reached a conclusion that PlayStation Plus is a superior service compared to Xbox Live Gold.

Careful, that's blasphemy 'round these parts.

User Info: BlueJester007

3 years ago#32
I'm perfectly fine with my now, older gen consoles. Nothing about the newer gen has appealed to me thus far.
I don't like Lara Croft's new look.


3 years ago#33
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User Info: SliderSlapshot

3 years ago#34
deadmarv posted...
Had multiple bad experiences with microsoft and have decided not to give them anymore money. Since no choice reflects this, I couldn't vote.

This + the second and third options for me.
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User Info: PolishCockatiel

3 years ago#35

Suck it MS overlords
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