"Xbox One makes it possible to make the game you want"

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User Info: EternalStutter

3 years ago#1


3 years ago#2
Half Life 3 & Shenmue 3 Xbonelys confirmed.

User Info: PsyEd

3 years ago#3
Just lower your res...nothing better than pixelated dreams...
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User Info: Rybal

3 years ago#4
Can people stop putting links to links in their threads?
I HATE seeing incorrect information, regardless of whether it is my preferred system.
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User Info: EternalStutter

3 years ago#5
Here's the article

Justin Hendry of Respawn Entertainment has been very vocal about the design choices made on Titanfall. Specifically when the gaming community criticized Respawn’s choice to limit the player count to 6v6 in multiplayer matches, Hendry clarified that it wasn’t a limitation, but a design choice. Recently, Hendry said that, from a design standpoint, creating a game for Xbox One isn’t all that different from the previous generation of consoles, there are simply more opportunities to make things come to life.

Realistically you could design next-gen games on old systems and still have a new fresh cool idea, the framerate might be lower and it might not be as visually appealing. You’ll have to make concessions in other places but people like to throw the whole next-gen word out there and to me, and again, maybe this is just because I’m a designer – there’s no check box for next-gen as a designer; you just make the game that you want to make.
Hendry declined to speak for the engineering and artistic staff as that isn’t his area of expertise. The statement he made seems to imply that the studio will be getting more than 720p resolution out of Xbox One when all is said and done, or at the very least, higher quality textures.

Titanfall’s beta begins on February 14th, the Xbox One and PC versions will ship March 11th, with the Xbox 360 port coming two weeks later.
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