How is calling the Xbox One an Xbone even an insult? I don't get it.

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  3. How is calling the Xbox One an Xbone even an insult? I don't get it.

User Info: SaintSeiyaX

3 years ago#1
I find it as a pathetic attempt at humor, or is there something about it that I am not understanding?
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User Info: motoraptor

3 years ago#2
12 year old humor

User Info: Joey-Zaza

3 years ago#3
Only the internet does it. It's like "noob" in a sense that if you said Xbone IRL people would look at you funny.

Probably punch you right in the mouth too.
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User Info: RickGotti

3 years ago#4
The only people that would get burned up over such a ridiculous name are the ones that wander through life looking to be offended
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User Info: darkshadowmaster

3 years ago#5
motoraptor posted...
12 year old humor
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User Info: BansDontWork

3 years ago#6
I feast on that control method you call Karma.

User Info: DelRowe

3 years ago#7
BansDontWork posted...

This. It's your fault for getting offended by the name,TC. It's not intended as an insult. Microsoft even trademarked it I think. Is MS pathetic?
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User Info: Pulp

3 years ago#8
That's the console name. Bonus for trolls: MS boned their fan. MS boned their console.

It's not an insult (to gamers). It's the quickest way to write the console name and 100% ensure people know exactly which console they mean. I still occasionally double take when someone writes X1 or Xbox1.

Xbone is gonna stick.
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User Info: Evel138

3 years ago#10
I wonder the same thing.

I mean I get calling it "Xbone" as a conjoining of the two words, but as a "tehehehe, xbone" attempt at insult, I've never seen anything more asinine.

For starters, what the **** is an "xbone"?

No, I always thought "Xbox180" or "Xbox Done" were far more clever (and actually made some kind of sense)......then I think about the community at question here and it suddenly becomes of no wonder to me that those never caught on.
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  3. How is calling the Xbox One an Xbone even an insult? I don't get it.

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