Why is everyone so worked up about 1080p?

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User Info: Snake99001

3 years ago#21
I don't know about 1080p but what people have the right to get worked up about is the framerate issue. To this day people try to convince themselves that 30 and 60 FPS feel the same. That's just funny.

User Info: krillin4553

3 years ago#22
Totally agree. After playing my PS4 and Killzone for the first time tonight. Beautiful game but the fps was pretty odd when it fluctuated from 30-40/45 fps frequently. I enabled the 30 fps lock with the patch and it felt a lot better. 1080p doesn't bother me on consoles. If it looks good and feels smooth. Then its cool. If I really want amazing graphics, I'll get it on PC, just upgraded my GPU from a 550ti to a 770 and it just runs like a dream now. But. Even then, I just like sitting down on the couch playing on a console or laying in bed. I play video games to relax and sitting at my desk doesn't feel relaxing. :/

Either way, it doesn't matter to me. I've been playing Titanfall in 720p on my older HDTV that's in our bedroom and it doesn't really bother me. I will say it is 40" and 720p whereas our main tv is a really nice Samsung 50" led. Its a lot easier to read player names on it. I find in 720p its just a smidge blurrier. But no big deal.
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User Info: a123454321

3 years ago#23
If people cared that much about 1080p buy a PC. They always have and always will look better

User Info: flamepelt

3 years ago#24
I still use SD TV with the Three normal AV cords that were on the N64.
I'd find any type of HD pretty good quietly.
"It ain't bragging if its true" Muhammad Ali

User Info: seryou101

3 years ago#25
jpraelster posted...
People who are more concerned about graphics then how a game plays arent real gamers anyways

The horrible stench of fanboy, it reeks.
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User Info: MattDark86

3 years ago#26
Simple reason, a lot of people are graphics whores. And with the rival consoles being closer than ever with the new gen, people are looking for any excuse to praise theirs over its rival.

So whenever a report comes in about a game running at a higher output on a particular console, the fanboys will make sure everyone knows about it.
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User Info: TheWhoFan

3 years ago#27
CKnight posted...
aray48 posted...
CKnight posted...
RykoLibre posted...
The difference between 720p and 1080p on a tv 50 inches or larger is very noticeable. A lot of people have big TVs these days. It's extremely noticeable on a 60inch as you mentioned. I have a 65 inch television and 1080p looks beautiful while 720p looks garbled.

Sounds like your tv sucks.

1080p looks great on my 40 inch and 720p looks good. You have a 65 inch expensive tv and 720p is a mess?

I guess bigger isn't always better.

His tv doesn't suck. 1080p is more than double the pixels of 720p. On a 65inch that is extremely noticeable.

Sounds like giant tvs are a waste if they can't run every resolution well. If I pay top dollar for a huge tv 720p better look as good or better than it does on a 40 inch Vizio.

Since gaming is my main hobby outside of reading and I don't have a blood alliance to any console. I think I'll stick with a tv size that best suits gaming as a whole and not just one console.

You "pay top dollar" for your TV, but settle for mediocre settings when you pay $500 for your console. You are an amazing customer and Microsoft deeply thanks your commitment to their corporate policies.
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User Info: eyenjekt

3 years ago#28
just about every screen above 42" (and the majority above 37") are 1080 native. that means the manufactures of the screen optimized the screen for 1080x1920 resolution, that is the exact amount of cells in the array that makes up the screen. when you try to fit a 720x1280 image (xbox1, crappy bluray) to a 1080x1920 screen what needs to happen is that those 720 pixels need to become 1080 pixels (height) and those 1280 pixels need to become 1920 pixels (width) and since each of those lengths is at a 1:1.5 ratio (2:3 ratio) that causes inherit uncertainty in one of the pixels. one of the pixels needs to display a transitional/artificial/invented color to make up for the information that is undefined in the signal/desired displayed resolution.

example when upscaling (consider these in a horizontal or vertical line):
720x1280: [1st pixel:red] [2nd pixel:green]
1080x1920: [1st pixel:red] [2nd pixel:undefined] [3rd pixel:green]

likely, the tv has some edge detection consideration when it comes to upscaling, so that if the above example was a cherry against a green wall the undefined pixel wont display as yellow/orange, but those algorithms are far from perfect and while they are correct the major of the time, their flaws can still be very easily seen.

this same effect happens when trying to display a higher frame rate than what a signal is providing, the effect manifests differently, but for the same reasons- the tv is trying to invent information. ever seen a bluray at 1080p (inherently 24fps) on a 600hz 1080p tv? notice how the image is much more sharp? thats an effect of the algorithm written to make more frames. that shouldn't happen. the information wasn't there to define the other 576 frames/sec that the tv is displaying so why should a 1080 24fps bluray look more sharp on a 1080 600hz tv over a 1080 60hz tv? answer: it shouldn't.


what it comes down to is that the signal needs to fit the display. so if you want to game on a POS 19" lcd, 720 is exactly what your looking for. otherwise, welcome to the modern age.

User Info: tadmfpole

3 years ago#29
$500 console that plays game at 720p
$400 console that plays same game at 1080p

Basic consumer logic tells us that the more expensive console should produce a resolution for multiplat games at least on par with, and certainly not less than, the cheaper console.
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User Info: RykoLibre

3 years ago#30
The amount of idiots posting in this thread who can't comprehend the importance of 1080p and 4k for larger televisions is astounding. Thank you to the few who do know their stuff.
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