Everyone post your opinion on all games in Assassin's Creed series!

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User Info: axelfooley2k5

3 years ago#12
2.... 8/10
4.... 7.5/10

they suffer from bad story, bad controls, and are repetitive in the worst possible way

the controls are still broken, you have to understand what way he is prone to go rather than just tell him where to go.

im playing the pirate creed now
its good, one of the better ps4 games out
ps4 has not much going on
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User Info: Eoin

3 years ago#13
1: The first game was a great tech demo for its time but it was badly structured. The focus was clearly on the world, the story, and the basic mechanics, and not enough thought was put into how you'd spend your time within that world. It's not a terrible experience but it needs to be carefully rationed: it is extremely easy to get bored and should really only be played for a few hours a week.

2: AC2 is where Ubisoft perfected the core gameplay loops. Missions are more varied and improved, and there's more stuff (and more interesting stuff) to do between missions. Many regard it as the best in the series, probably for these reasons - it was the first game, except done properly and living up to its promise instead of delivering just the bare bones of it.

Bloodlines: Vaguely tolerable PSP spin-off carrying on the story of the first game. Captures the atmosphere of the AC games fairly well, but gameplay is a poor relation. Missions are boring, Cyprus is (by the standards of the series) empty and lifeless, and the story and combat are dull.

Brotherhood: Takes AC2's solid foundation and builds upon it, introducing lots of new stuff of varying levels of importance. This really marks the point where Ubisoft started throwing stuff at the series to expand it, but while later games tried lots of stuff that didn't work very well, just about everything added to Brotherhood added to the game, especially the Brotherhood itself. I rate this as the best game in the series.

Revelations: This was really where Ubisoft went crazy with additions. The most obviously stupid of these is the extremely poor tower defence game - it's just about entirely optional, but avoiding it takes some work for most of the game and makes the game far less fun. Bombs, hookblade travel, hookblade combat, and parachutes all work moderately well, but made for a mechanically heavy game and turned Ezio into a walking tank. Revelations is not by any means a bad game - it's just AC2 plus a huge amount of additions, and beginning to sag under the weight of those additions.

3: AC3 is a good game desperately struggling to escape from the confines of a bad game. It starts slowly and then stays slow for hours upon hours, Ubisoft feeling the need to explain everything thoroughly. So much is wrong with this game - the homestead missions are boring, the era seems like it was chosen for marketing more than gameplay, and Connor - Connor is just dull (he's not even the best protagonist in his own game, and he's arguably not even the second best). There are moments when it clicks and, for a while, it works well, but these are lost in the wider game.

LIberation: The second major handheld game (the DS and mobile diversions not being really major) is a really brave attempt to make a proper portable AC game. However, despite one of the (potentially) most interesting assassins in the series and a well-chosen setting, this doesn't really work out that well. The game (on Vita at least - I haven't tried the other versions) attempts to deliver something that the system just isn't capable of, with a framerate of 20, glitches everywhere, combat feeling even more simple than usual, and a general feeling that it could all just fall apart at any moment (it usually doesn't, which is to the developer's credit, but it nearly always feels like it might). Missable.

4: Black Flag is to AC3 what the second game was to the first. It takes a deeply flawed game and methodically fixes just about everything, adding a few nice features of its own. There's still some bad choices - tailing missions just need to be excised from the series completely - but this game is what AC3 should have been. Up alongside Brotherhood as one of the high points in the series.

User Info: Foxx3k

3 years ago#14
AC1 - awful
AC2 - OK
AC2:B - One of the best open world games I've ever played
AC2:R - awful
AC3 - awful
AC4 - good, not great
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User Info: iParadigm

3 years ago#15
I played like 2/3 of the first game before I realized I was literally doing the same exact thing more often than I draw breath. Haven't played any of them since then.
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User Info: langystar

3 years ago#16
2 and 4 are amazing, 1 and 3 are boring

User Info: Roo82

3 years ago#17
Robin_Mask posted...
If you can get past the first and the third, which are the worst and most boring, you're set.

Are the others actually any good? All I've played is the 1st and 3rd ones. I own Assassins Creed 2 but have never taken it out of the packaging.
I have a friend that keeps raving on about how great Black Flag is, but my only experience with the series so far has been dull.
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User Info: hyjinx17

3 years ago#18
AC 1: Fun game, obvious flaws in the gameplay as the first game in the series. Altair while really cool, not the best character. Side stuff leading up to assassination REALLY tedious. Desmond is boring.

AC 2: Fantastic game. Ezio is my favorite character in the series by far. Got rid of a lot of the tedious bloat from the first game. Desmond still boring.

Brotherhood: Perfected the free running. Improved the combat over all. Loved the addition of training assassin's. Did not like base defense at all though. Ezio still great, Desmond still boring, but a bit less so.

Revalations: It's basically cut and paste gameplay wise from Brotherhood. Altair is a better character in this game than the 1st. Ezio still cool as hell. Desmond still bleh and the ending was complete garbage.

AC 3: Gameplay still good and free running on trees is cool, but the cities where you free run are alot less interesting and fun to traverse. Worst character in the series, even worse than Desmond imo. Only really exceptional part of the game is the naval combat. The worst ending in the series which made me lose all hope for the over arching story line.

AC 4: Took and expanded on the best feature of 3, the naval combat, to great effect. Kenway is more interesting than Connar and Altair in the 1st game, but not Revalations and doesn't touch Ezio. Free running still good. Locations really interesting and gorgeous. Present time story still unbelievably boring and I just didn't care anymore after 3's ending.

Basically I would put them Brotherhood>AC2=AC4>Revelations>1>3
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User Info: USF

3 years ago#19
Robin_Mask posted...
If you can get past the first and the third, which are the worst and most boring, you're set.

So true. I also didn't particularly like Revelations.

AC II, Brotherhood, and Black Flag are amazing.
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User Info: Merc123

3 years ago#20
AC1 - Pretty cool game for its time. The free running parkour was new and fresh. It had an interesting setting and the cities looked great. The storyline was pretty interesting too. It was far from perfect. The combat and controls were not very good and it was repetetive.

AC2- Fixed the repetition and overhauled the series. You still had an interesting time period and great looking cities but a better character imo. You had alot more tools to use and combat while still easy was much better.

ACB - Similar to AC2, one big city was cool and it gave a nice variety in missions with those Leonardo ones. I don't think it really did much more than AC2 but that game was so great Brotherhood was just more of the same and that was great.

ACR - Not as good as previous but i still really loved it. Istanbul was a very cool environment and the hookblade and bomb making was alot of fun. Altair missions were really cool seeing more of him. Den Defense and Notoriety were big annoyances as well as Desmonds puzzle sections. I think this one had great set pieces though

AC3 - Personally i actually really liked this one. The start was slow but i loved it and thought it was very interesting. I liked Connor and the American Revolution is one of my favorite historical time periods. Boston and New York were very cool and i loved the brutal combat and tools. Ship combat was amazing and i loved the wilderness. I really have nothing bad to say about AC3, i loved it all around...well actually the ending was horrible

AC4 - My favorite AC game, i just love Pirates and this is the perfect pirate game by far. Ship combat came back even better, the open world ocean is just impressive and feels alive, the towns are very well done and Edward is a good character. At times it doesn't feel like an AC game though and feels like a Pirate game. Also the modern day stuff is crap but there is not a ton of it.
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