Do you actually use the Kinect?

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User Info: eatbeef40

3 years ago#1
If so, for what? I personally dont use it because I've never been fond of having a camera being pointed at me. Plus you never know what could truly be going on behind that camera, even when its supposedly "off".

User Info: ImThe8thWonder

3 years ago#2
I use it to turn my Xbox on or off. I don't use it for anything else.
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User Info: Winnsock

3 years ago#3
I use it to turn Xbox on/off, change the channels, say orders in Ryse and fling zombies off me in DR3. It's not an essential piece of equipment by any means, but I did set it up and it does work well.
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User Info: Samfu303

3 years ago#4
to sign in and record game clips
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User Info: Ironman06

3 years ago#5
I use it to control netflix and to switch between different applications.

User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#6
Skype, beats the macbook according to my parents. Let's my kid see them. Gamewise, I considered trying forza out with it but never have.

User Info: death cloud

death cloud
3 years ago#7
For everything. I don't pick up the controller until I say "Xbox play 'x'". Other than that I'm just using Kinect to control things. I can't imagine using the controller to navigate the system, it has to be slower by orders of magnitude.
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User Info: LooksLikeRain

3 years ago#8
*goes to unplug it.

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User Info: Merc123

3 years ago#9
Just to turn my system on and off, or while i pause Amazon Instant video. I sometimes use it in Dead Rising to stun the bosses. Oh and i use it for chat since MS gave me a busted headset. It works pretty well for all of these, and my friend said he had no idea i was using kinect to chat when we played.

Other than that not so much. I would have probably gotten a kinectless model if they had one but kinect is kind of neat packed in. I do hope developers support it and try to do cool things with it since its with all XB1's
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User Info: JonnyBigBoss

3 years ago#10
I use it often. It's a fast and easy way to get around.
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