Do you think MS realized yet that gamers don't have loyalty?

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User Info: nableet

3 years ago#41
Interesting post TC, but I somewhat disagree.

I think a lot of people do have brand loyalty (the xbone is selling better than the 360 did) and are quite tolerant of some of the BS the company they are currently funding tries to pull.

Before E3 I heard rumors of always online and bundled kinect and I thought "well, if MS are doing it, then Sony will too" and was quite content to pick up my next gen Xbox and didn't give PS4 a second thought.

Sure, as a consumer you should always make informed decisions, but Xbox 360 was great to me, so why go somewhere new and unknown?

Then E3 hit and I was disappointed in what I saw. So I watched the PS4 segment and found that I did have a choice to make. I didn't need DRM or Kinect and this product better tailored to my needs.

TL/DR Gamers do have loyalty (perhaps complacency is a better word) but you can't push them too much.

***My core gaming group is still undecided. Gaming with friends is a big part of my decision on where to go, so that is why I am on both boards.***
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User Info: mavrick_19

3 years ago#42
I went with xbox cause i never had a problem with it but my ps3 had tons of probs
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3 years ago#43
ExempliGratia posted...
PokemonYoutube posted...
krystyla posted...
PokemonYoutube posted...
Gamers do have loyalty, but only to those that treat them right. Microsoft definitely tried to screw over their following with the Xbone's original plans and they paid for it.

Nintendo loyalists are currently having their faith in Nintendo shaken as well with the catastrophic state of the Wii U. I'm mostly loyal to Sony and have had Nintendo on the side since the Gamecube. I was never interested in Microsoft, what with their paid online and lack of worthwhile exclusives.

Why are you on this board then?

Read about Metal Gear being 1080p on PS4 and only 720p on Xbone and came here to have some laughs.

Wow this is sad.

He needed a self esteem booster, sad indeed.
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  3. Do you think MS realized yet that gamers don't have loyalty?

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