The "Pure Gamer" in a bully-filled environment is still viable.

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  3. The "Pure Gamer" in a bully-filled environment is still viable.

User Info: billsfanno1

3 years ago#21
extanker posted...
Apex-Player posted...
billsfanno1 posted...
Apex-Player posted...
Hmm, i'll agree. People who appreciate games need to play them all.

People who appreciate there eyesight, and are glad there eyes work correctly,
should treat themselves though.

Its like, yeah you love movies, but are you still popping in VHS tapes when you have the same movie on bluray?
Probably not.

Using that language, people who appreciate the English language should "ignore" you. Because not only did you manage to troll the most anti-troll bait topic I've seen today, but you can't even use proper grammar in making your troll point.

If you can't understand it, don't read it. Haha though, I love when people correct others and make mistakes doing it, were you ever taught that starting a sentence with the word Because* was acceptable?

Hint, because it's not.

Don't mind Apex-Player, he likes to go into topics that wouldn't normally have trolling and create some.

Also, if we're going to nitpick grammar, if you can't distinguish between 'their' and 'there' (or 'your' and 'you're' for that matter) you pretty much trump starting a sentence with 'because'. I mean, twice in one sentence? Really?

I actually used "ignore" for the first time, so I wouldn't have seen his reply if you didn't quote it. Funny thing is, it is perfectly acceptable to start a sentence with the word "because" when phrased properly. It is reflective of an elementary school level of education to believe that it isn't. As I said earlier, school is clearly out today.

User Info: SigmaLongshot

3 years ago#22
I'm actually - and I mean "actually" in the capacity of an extreme here - actually touched that many of you happen to find me tolerable. I'm a pompous lad who enjoys tolerating more than enjoying, so the things I enjoy are actually sacred.

But when someone actively loves something, and I mean LOVES something - for a person to run into their face and start slapping them for it, for someone to do nothing more than be a flea on their back for the purpose of irritating them for having POSITIVE EMOTIONS, then they're really something below humanity.

I've heard once that "trolls don't care about you, just that you're hurting" - and that in itself really summarises trolls. The scabs of humanity, destined to be picked off and discarded.
Double Jump Game Comics:

User Info: jayj350

3 years ago#23
Great topic TC, my thoughts exactly

User Info: Talon684

3 years ago#24
Thank you TC, that was very well written. I tip my hat to you kind sir.
I was dying of thirst, but now I have been rehydrated by the tears of people like this Cliffy B
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  3. The "Pure Gamer" in a bully-filled environment is still viable.

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