How come PC and 360 gamers dont care about titanfall?

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  3. How come PC and 360 gamers dont care about titanfall?

User Info: FPS_hitman

3 years ago#1
Almost no preorders and no one is talking about it? For a multiple system release why is it only the Xbox one owners who care about this game?

User Info: DeadCeIIScout

3 years ago#2
The Cloud or something

User Info: djruden

3 years ago#3
Lot's more competition on those platforms.

User Info: Katzachan

3 years ago#4
Because there are better games on those 2 systems.

User Info: MlREFOX

3 years ago#5
If it released a few years from now, few people would care on the XBox One, either. There just aren't many games early in any console's life and relatively big games will get hype blown way out of proportion.

User Info: Pulp

3 years ago#6
Katzachan posted...
Because there are better games on those 2 systems.
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User Info: FernieODST

3 years ago#7
Honestly, its a First Person Shooter. I own a 360 and a (meh) pc. I've seen loads of videos on titanfall, but i wasnt impressed with what I saw. It looks fun in the sense that im able to navigate the maps better with wall-running and jet packs, but other than that I dont see anything worth-while.

Sure its still a 'beta', but launch day is right around the corner and there are still no questions answered like 'How many mech types will there be?', 'How many maps?', etc. Personally, I hope it does well in sales and I hope that the actual game itself is as good as the hype makes it out to be, but marketing for Titanfall is crap and makes it look like just another first person shooter.

I'm most likely going to get Titanfall for the 360(not right away, maybe a couple of weeks after launch) because i would really like to try it. I dont own a next gen console yet(simply because none of the games are worth it, or I can get them on PS3 or 360), but until One starts announcing more interesting exclusives that AREN'T shooters i'll most likely get a ps4 first.

TL;DR I don't care about titanfall because it looks very average, and why would I shell out $500 plus $60 for TF if I can just pay the $60 and play it on 360?
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

3 years ago#8
TF being an Origin exclusive doesnt help much either.
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User Info: Ikpa_Vatryx

3 years ago#9
Because on consoles, the only shooters alive are pretty much CoD/BF/Halo/GoW. Titanfall is innovative/new/fresh compared to them, but on PC, it's really not that special. I actually expected a bit more weapon variety from a futuristic shooter.
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User Info: rusty12000

3 years ago#10
I am most likely buying it on PC, because i really like the game, but I kind of want to wait to see how much BS Ill have to deal with, like will they try to gouge another 50$ out of me for Titanfall Premium, or fill the game full of Micro-transactions. It seems EA is being really quiet about details like that, which worries me. I think a lot of PC gamers probably feel the same way. While it seems Xbone players are just desperate for a good game.
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