Could Microsft come out with another console by end of 2017?

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User Info: ILikesCheese

3 years ago#41
Exodus_Prime posted...
A new report from the University of Manitoba finds that people who troll on the Internet exhibit traits of “sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism” in real life

What does it say about delusional fanboys or those annoying shills who make $8.50 an hour cranking out commercial-style forum posts?

If you're omnipotent and all-powerful...why would you need to REST? On the 7th or ANY day?

User Info: Vandermeer

3 years ago#42
I like how kids are talking business. Saying how well a system will do based on 3 months of sales and graphics. Saying that one company will go bankrupt if they don't buy exclusives, and the other will drop their console division. Making up statistics, and linking articles that are only opinion. If you put this much effort into school, and getting a good job; you could afford both consoles, a gaming pc, and play them all on a 4K tv.
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User Info: Newmoon

3 years ago#43
pwnater777 posted...
Kosmo240985 posted...
Laylow12 posted...
That's the rumor I'm hearing. Abandon the XBOX ONE early, call it a loss and make better hardware for actually playing games again instead of KINECT 2.0


You mean that's the rumor you're making up.

Most likely just made up on the spot, but it would be the most logical move to anyone who isn't currently just blindly supporting the XBone without looking at facts.

There is nothing to suggest that the xb1 is going to be a failure yet. its outpacing the prior xboxes and despite what people claim its currently a success not the failure the Ps3 was in its first 18 months.
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User Info: garcia_jx

3 years ago#44
richboy900 posted...
garcia_jx posted...
I think the Xbox One will last 7 years at the most, but MS might release another Xbox model within the next 3-4 years without the Kinect and upgraded GPU. I can see the ps4 lasting 7 years, but not the Xbox One with its ancient hardware.

Both consoles are pretty lame hardware wise. The ps4 probably looks better than it does as the xb1 is so weak. I'm proud to say I haven't yet wasted money on either system.

Never regretted getting my 360 from launch, it got rrod, but in its day, that was quite a beast. Or getting my Xbox with halo. The hard drive was an absolute game changer, custom soundtracks and getting 8gb in 2001.
Here we are in 2014 where games require installs and its only 500gb. Oh and sub 1080
If it weren't for Titanfall and Halo, I would have traded in my Xbox One. Gears is pretty much dead to me. Xbox and the Xbox 360 were--as you put it--beasts for their days at launch. The Xbox One is like a Wii 2.0. I don't get why they try to emulate something they are not. MS had established a great fanbase in the U.S., but damn, they turned so many people off with the weaker hardware. I'm not bothered by all the drm fiasco; however, the 50 percent weaker hardware bothers me even though I have a ps4. I'm an Xbox gamer at heart, have been since Halo and Gears of War. I just hate having to game on ps4 as my main console, since I have gamed on Xbox as my main console, dating back to the original Xbox.

User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

3 years ago#45
I don't see these consoles lasting any where past 4 years, the hardware inside is simply too weak. In 4 years, Indie games on Steam will bypass the quality of the top PS4/Xbox One game. The only reason the last generation lasted that long, the hardware was great when they launched, they had the power to stretch out those extra couple years, the hardware in these consoles now is under powered by a great deal. The parts they're based on, can't even get 1080P/60FPS with graphic quality of 2-3 years ago, so already they can't even manage steady framerate.

Basically all these consoles are offering at this point is a bit higher framerate, some higher res textures and a few FPS, let alone tessellation, hbao, etc, etc

I hope these consoles are replaced by 2017, both of them
3770K w/ 780 TI SLI gaming powerhouse.
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