How can MS turn the Xbox one around

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User Info: Novus_Grimnir

3 years ago#101
Rip out all the multimedia garbage that is useless outside of the U.S., or at least introduce a version that is geared more towards gaming and less a multimedia hub. Also, kinect-less version. Drop the price accordingly. Bundle in Titanfall.
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User Info: Chargrilled

3 years ago#102
Just release lots of exclusives
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User Info: FadingLights

3 years ago#103
Chargrilled posted...
Just release lots of exclusives

And where do you propose they get the money for this when shareholders are already irate?

User Info: 1-chome

3 years ago#104
Get rid of the Kinect and I promise you I will buy an XBOX One the next day. We all know that MS is using the Kinect to spy and push the agenda of global facial recognition. Get rid of that mandatory bullcrap and I'll jump on board just like I did with the original xbox and xbox 360.

User Info: AuburnFan1975

3 years ago#105
GondolinRises posted...
One of the reasons ps3 beat the 360

Ummmm. 360 beat PS3.
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User Info: vedoris86

3 years ago#106
AuburnFan1975 posted...
GondolinRises posted...
One of the reasons ps3 beat the 360

Ummmm. 360 beat PS3.

They are about the same, but Xbox was out for year longer , also apart from Titanfall and dark souls 2 360 is pretty much dead, they won't support it much longer, but ps3 has a great line up 2014.
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User Info: Sega9599

3 years ago#107
aszsith posted...
I happened across this article:

If only Microsoft understood researching on the internet.....
Oh, for a new 'proper' Shining Force..and a new Panel de Pon game and a new english release of Puyo Puyo....

User Info: Spetsnaz420

3 years ago#108
Exodus_Prime posted...
Well they could just grab it from each side, lift it and turn it a full 360 degrees I think that would be a good way to turn the Xbox One around.

You mean 180 right? 360 is a full circle
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User Info: Jeh64

3 years ago#109
Start listening to their customers.
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