you are the CEO of Microsoft your job is to save the Xbox how do you do it?

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User Info: RLSNintendo1985

3 years ago#131
Rizzman111 posted...
Merge with sony

Or give it all to sony.
"Long Live Nintendo!"

User Info: ssj954vegito

3 years ago#132
-Recall all consoles
-Increase hardware power to atleast a 10% gap between the ONE and PS4
-Consoles bought before 2014 will be replaced for free
-Keep launch prices
-Win the generation
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User Info: snkboi

3 years ago#133
-1st party titles $49.99
-exclusive 3rd party titles have no publisher royalty fee
-$399 xbox one 500gb model with kinect, 3 month gold free
-$499 xbox one 1tb model, kinect, 6 month gold free, ryse son of rome digital
-$499 xbox one 500gb model, kinect, 6 year free gold, titanfall digital
-1st term xbox live year subscription $59.99, yearly renewal without interruption $49
-secure more exclusives, publish (or bribe) key 3rd party titles
i think it's nice

User Info: oldhbk76

3 years ago#134
Things are looking great for xbox one, but I'd probably buy rights to Titanfall IP
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User Info: SuperSuikoden

3 years ago#135
1. change the name (too late)
2. make it more powerful (too late)
3. reduce the price by $150
4. pay for exclusives not for timed-exclusives
5. focus on other types of games not only shooters
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User Info: NSGraphite

3 years ago#136
1: Ditch mandatory Kinect. (I would unbundle them. No more selling Kinect and X-bone together) and immediately drop the price $100 to $399 U.S.

2: Drop all advertising that refers to the X-bone's ability to connect to TV. I would keep the feature, but it would not be a selling point (no more so than Blu-ray or DVD playback is)

3: Implement full, complete and total Backward Compatibility with Xbox 360 and Original Xbox games.

4: Implement a "Kinect buy-back program" where those gamers who were forced to purchase a Kinect bundled with their X-bone get to send their kinect back to MS if they desire to do so and would receive $100 credit on Xbox live marketplace to purchase games and content.

5: Trade-mark the name X-Bone and create a new logo including a Skull and Crossbones in Xbox green. Naming the console the "Xbox One" was such a bone-headed maneuver, but the name is here to stay, as is "X-bone" so may as well make lemonade.

6: Immediately fire Larry Hyrb and hire a new PR spokesperson (preferably one with large hooters) who will then do a press conference, sincerely apologizing to the videogame industry as a whole for what MS tried to do to it, then announce a free game from Live Marketplace for anyone who has an Xbox Live account. We're Sorry! We won't pull that [EXPLETIVE DELETED] again, we promise!

7: Buy more developers. Struggling developers who have undeniable talent, but merely need the backing of a benefactor with deep pockets. Give them free reign to develop games for the Bone. Whatever they wish. I would make a serious offer to buy Bioware from EA, but I doubt they would go for it.

8:I would open up Xbox Live so that developers can use their own servers if they desire to do so. This is so cross-platform gameplay could be implemented across all platforms..PC, Xbone, Playstation and Nintendo.

9: I would remove all non-game content from behind the Xbox Live paywall. Only specific multi-player games would cost money to be able to play them. And even then, not all. 3rd party games on their own servers would be up to the developer to charge for them.

10: Xbox Live Advanced would implement an Instant game library and provide new games for free every month. All original Xbox games that were developed by Microsoft studios would be available for download for free to all XBLA members. Select Xbox 360 games from MS studios (and participating 3rd party developers) would also be free.

11: create a collaberation between all three console manufacturers to develop the ultimate fighting game and call it CONSOLE WARS, it would include signature characters from Xbox franchises, Playstation franchises and Nintendo franchises in a no-holds barred brawl to the death. Available on all platforms. 3rd party companies would be encouraged to enter their signature characters as well (and 3rd party characters can change allegiance as appropriate to their franchise)

That's what I would do if I was the boss of Xbox!
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User Info: RLSNintendo1985

3 years ago#137
You know ppl your ideas are great but many of you would flunk out of the company in a matter of a few years with your strategy.

Reduce price...good luck making a profit on the hardware.

Recall systems to make them more powerful...yeah give them free consoles and waste a few million.

Lower game prices...good luck getting publishers to make games for your console.

Get rid of kinect...That's one of their things. Without kinect it would sell horribly.

I think I covered most of them.

Getting new IP and exclusives is good however.
"Long Live Nintendo!"

User Info: RLSNintendo1985

3 years ago#138
Oh I forgot the whole 3 month XBox Live for free thing...that's a way to go out of business real fast.
"Long Live Nintendo!"

User Info: Spetsnaz420

3 years ago#139
I'd do what any reasonable yet unfit parent would to.... Put it up for adaoption
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User Info: NeoMonk

3 years ago#140
I would double down on all of their previously proven bad ideas.
Why not... apparently their money is endless. Who cares!
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