so when titanfall comes out....

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User Info: Aarkshark

3 years ago#11
RebelGameMaster posted...
Kingdom Under Fire 2

That game still exists? I thought it got quietly released in (Korea?) and was scrapped from launching anywhere outside of Asia.
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User Info: darknessturbo8

3 years ago#12
RebelGameMaster posted...
darknessturbo8 posted...
My PS4 has been collecting dust for weeks now, although if the internet was half as good as the Xbox One, I'd be using that instead.

I'm in the process of pulling some strings to HOPEFULLY get a PS4 in a week or two. It will be collecting dust because the games I, and all other real gamers, are looking forward to are on last gen. No shame in admitting that launch titles on any console don't interest me. I would be more ashamed to say my system can't even play next gen games in the next gen graphics/resolution.

But soon Kingdom Under Fire 2 will be coming out for the PS4 and I'll be all over that. Plus on April 14th, I can play FFXIV on my PC while my wife plays it on the PS4 instead of playing it on the PS3 as she does now.

Not sure why you quoted me but I agree with the deficient amount of launch games.

I've been using my Xbox One as my web browser and anime/show streaming device since my laptop died months ago. (That and the PS4 is terrible with loading anything and has a vey repugnant web interface)

Titanfall will be my first next-gen game.
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