Would you want a Breakdown sequel/reboot for this generation?

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User Info: pwnater777

3 years ago#11
aheroafake posted...
pwnater777 posted...
I want HL3 this generation.

So do I, and I also want L4D 3 and TF 3. But we all know that Valve has a little trouble when it comes to releasing a third sequel for their games. I don't even think they've released Half Life 2: Episode 3 yet.

TF3 would never happen it seems, with the insane popularity and constant updating (mainly just hats & hats & hats & hats & hats) on PC. However, L4D3 seems like it'll probably happen soon in my opinion, but after Evolve is released.
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User Info: aheroafake

3 years ago#12
I wish TF2 would've gotten more support on Xbox 360, I'm sure people still play it on there. I can't wait for Evolve though, it looks promising.
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User Info: DarkHiei

3 years ago#13
Hell YES! Dude I feel like there are so few people who experienced this game. Sure it had its problems. But it did do things other FPS games hadn't at the time. I still remember getting the ultra accelerator and busting out of the grate with your new powers, the music that played at the time, and then finally you could actually own the crap out of the damn T'lan. I would pre-order the reboot/sequel the day it was announced, and I never do that. I still have my copy and have a save for the specific moment I mentioned above. With the proper time and care it would be a really good game, plus all the controller layouts that exist now for FPS games, the game would have much more fluid controls.
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User Info: CyberEvil

3 years ago#14
Some pacing issues aside, I loved the game. Started it, hated it, and stopped, only to pick it up and give it a real chance a few weeks later. The story, while not exactly mind blowing, was a ton of fun, and you felt a real sense of progression. The scene in the lab where you burst up through the grating after getting a little power boost? So sick.
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User Info: DarkReign2022

3 years ago#15
I can't believe anybody else even remembers this game :D I had to bump this just to voice my excitement. Breakdown was one of Namco's most inventive and ambitious games ever. This is my second favorite game on the original Xbox (after Advent Rising, which I hope they finish someday as well.) It had an amazing storyline, great graphics, and such a unique gameplay premise for it's time. While it was certainly rough around the edges, games like Mirror's Edge and Chronicles of Riddick tell me that there's real potential.

If they were to bring this game back, I would really like to see them bring an HD remake of the original for digital release first (does the XB1 have an XBLA alternative or are they all just "digital releases" now?) It's been left in obscurity for too long to bank on a sequel being successful, but a budget $15 release would definitely get the game some needed attention. Only then can they go and make a sequel :D

While I'm thinking about it, it's time for Majesco to relinquish that Advent Rising license to a developer that will actually do something with it. Give it back to Epic and the original development team over at ChAIR. We've seen what they can do with Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade on the iOS, so a series reboot to fix the bugs and glitches followed by completion of the trilogy is in order :D
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