Anyone here regret their XB1 purchase?

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User Info: TaurenStrength

3 years ago#61
Killah Priest posted...
I got it for free from Microsoft... and I still regret it.

Did you do the whole Doritos thing and slam 1000 bottles of Mountain Dew, and then 1000 bags of chips in a few weeks. Cuz that would make anyone feel like crap =)

User Info: Merc123

3 years ago#62
Kind of but not because of anything the system did. I got my XB1 on Black Friday for DR3 and a bit of hype plus playing with my XBL friends. I already had a PS4 that i had saved up for and gotten at launch so i didn't really need an XB1 but wanted and got one anyway. The reason i say i kind of regret it is because i ended up in the hospital and ER 3 times over december and in hindsight i probably could have used that 500 dollars instead of on a console i didn't really need.
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