It's been months now. What are your opinions on the kinect 2?

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User Info: gogogodzilla

3 years ago#51
casper316 posted...
gogogodzilla posted...
Actually, it sounds like you aren't a gamer at all, but someone that uses a gaming console to chat with friends.

Which makes me wonder why you post to a gaming forum.

actually dude I was ready to tear into you lol but I thought about what you said, and yeah you're right I don't sound like a "gamer" mainly because I'm 35 years old, I run my own computer repair business out of my home and I use my xbox one which I have in my office for many other things then just gaming. I do play games on it yes, I also watch tv, I skype, for video calls, and a few other things like stream movies that I just happen to download and things.

pigboy posted...
Respectfully disagree.

Majority of Kinect games or Kinect in game features are pretty much just gimmicks that do nothing to enhance the gaming experience. More people used the Kinect for non-gaming related things like turning on the Bone or change TV channels.

I personally don't considered that it is worth it for Microsoft to make such HUGE sacrifice to the Xbon'se hardware to a point that making it significantly weaker than PS4, yet, with a $100 more expensive retail price.

From the point of consumer, it just does not make any sense at all.

honestly man it's cool that's your opinion, have you tried the kinect integration with battlefield 4 though that's actually done really well, can lean to peak around corners where you can't normally do it with the controller, or at least I don't think you can. and when you're in vehicles you can have the head tracking turned on and if your in a jet that is really useful, even in a car at times. calling for ammo and medics is as simple as saying "I need a medic" or "I need Ammo" way easier the the pop up menu if you ask me. and the play calling for NBA 2K14 is great as well. I don't have a PS4 so I don't know if the PS camera does the same thing in Battlefield 4 but I think it's freaking neat on the xbox one version.

shauntennine posted...
Wait, wait, wait. So you understand the reach that the NSA has and also understand that our cell phone mics/cameras can be activated remotely without the user ever knowing but you deny that the kinect falls under the same abuses?

If so, you're kidding yourself bro. And the main difference between Microsofts and Sonys cameras is that one is mandatory and one is not.

Also, Microsoft works a lot closer with the NSA than does Sony. See "prism program" to be informed of that fact.

As my dad said to me regarding the topic: "sure, Sony may have a backdoor for them... But Microsoft is the front door." But hey, honestly, I'm happy that you're at least aware of the NSA's reach into our lives. For that, I'll give you respect.

no, man you misunderstood me I know the kinect could possibility be done that way as well, it just doesn't bother me. I've already allowed the rest of the things in my home whats one more device going to hurt, besides, I don't do anything wrong if obama wants to watch me rub one off every now and then let him lol ****s no skin off my nose.

And that's what the XBox1 is. A moderately decent console with plenty of non-gaming functions. For me, that role is filled with a tablet. So a console still remains primarily a gaming platform. Anything else is redundant... and I'm not going to pay for it.
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User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#52
Only 29% like it yet 100% are FORCED to buy it. That's putting the companies needs and wants (monitoring and selling the data to third parties) before the customers.

The Queen of Light took her bow, and then she turned to go.
The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom, and walked the night alone.-Battle of Evermore/Zeppelin

User Info: Defhimself

3 years ago#53
TC you really are a fool.

You have no idea what innovation is.
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