What game do you think defined last gen?

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User Info: garcia_jx

3 years ago#1
With so many great games last gen, both on Xbox 360 and PS3, which do you think defined last gen (if you could pick one)?

For me, when I think of a gen defining game,I think of Skyrim--a game that infiltrated popular culture with endless memes and YouTube videos;a game that was quoted by people that didn't even play the game. Skyrim is, forever, going to go down in history as one of those games. I put it up there in the videogame hall of fame.

User Info: MasterSword546

3 years ago#2
Dark Souls and The Last of Us.
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User Info: LordDeadCell

3 years ago#3
MasterSword546 posted...
Dark Souls and The Last of Us.
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User Info: LatchKeyKid

3 years ago#4
For me personally, Mass Effect 2.

For the rest of the world you'd be kidding yourself not to admit, for better or worse, CoD4 Modern Warfare.

User Info: Bryant187

3 years ago#5
Bioshock, Skyrim, Dark Souls
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User Info: CapwnD

3 years ago#6
Bryant187 posted...
Bioshock, Skyrim, Dark Souls

Mass Effect and Assassins Creed would pretty much complete that list.

But for me, it would be Red Dead Redemption. It was somewhat of a sequel, but really shined and really took the open world game design into a beautiful place, and had some amazing DLC. Between that and GTA4, Rockstar really showed how they evolved over the previous two generations.
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User Info: METALINGUS5150

3 years ago#7
Dark Souls.


3 years ago#8
I don't know why everybody is ignoring the obvious answer being Call of Duty:MW.

This game pretty much started the biggest craze since Rockband or the old Tony Hawk games. May have not been the most celebrated or acclaimed but there's a reason last gen was called the CoD generation.

My personal defining game of last gen was Uncharted 3 to me.

User Info: towlie_420

3 years ago#9
I really hate to say it, but..... Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. For me it was the last COD that delivered the whole package. It was my favorite campaign, and the multiplayer brought a fast and fresh feel that the new generation needed. It really was a fun game until the inevitable hackers/modders, and then came the youtubers followed by the noobtubers.....never mind Bioshock it is. Unless Titanfall for 360 ends up being awesome, talk about going out with a bang!!
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User Info: krystyla

3 years ago#10
LatchKeyKid posted...
For me personally, Mass Effect 2.

I second that ME2 game of last gen
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