If the resolution of a game is less than 1080p it is not HD

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User Info: DarkZala

3 years ago#31
Heero0101 posted...
Has anyone thought about if ms is leaving i think a little more then 10% gpu for things like the kinect. And are doing 900p already it seems logical they can get to 1080p comfortable with letting go of the 10% held off .

Unfortunately coming from 900p to 1080p is more than 10% especially where 60fps is concerned.

I know a few guys who are xbox faithfuls. I also know that they expect a newer system to smash the graphics of the old one. Not just improve by fps and 900p compared to the xbox360
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User Info: OUberLord

3 years ago#32
1080p has close to 50% more pixels than 900p, so it stands to reason that a less than ten percent boost to the GPU isn't going to do much to bridge that gap.

User Info: SADMZ

3 years ago#33
EternalStutter posted...
BrownGotti posted...
That's funny because most tv stations that are in HD are in 1080i.

Just saying......

Is that so? Discovery Channel is HD and the majority of the footage brought in for them are 29.97. Which is 30fps...some of which is 1080, other being 720 or even less at times.

So no, not all stations are outputting TRUE 1080. Keep talking though. Lol at "tv stations"

What are you freaking out about? He didn't say all, he said most. Nor did he mention full HD, he said 1080i.

Take it easy.

User Info: BTM4444

3 years ago#34
8k? You guys understand that the human eye can only differentiate a certain number of pixels and after that you won't notice a difference.

4k to 8k sounds like a lot but there will barely be a difference.
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User Info: coldwine

3 years ago#35
BoneRevolution posted...
Have you noticed how frogs are scary? I think they are

I second that emotion.
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User Info: sn3akywaffles

3 years ago#36
degen2011 posted...
720p was the standard for PG Gaming in 1997

Microsoft only managing to achieve 720p on a $500 console in 2014 is absolutely laughable

this is so wrong
I'm starting realize the slight amount of ignorance on this site
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  3. If the resolution of a game is less than 1080p it is not HD

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