MS: Kinect-less sku unlikely

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User Info: nableet

3 years ago#31
CKnight posted...
lunchbox2042 posted...
MastaMugen posted...
Sorry but the b******* about why the kinect is not needed is getting overboard. Don't you realize that without knowing everyone has a kinect, Developer's would not take full advantage of it? That it will be just like V.1 Kinect? like other's have said, we are 3 month's in, give it time. In all seriousness, in order for the kinect to be a success every Xbox one need's to have it. That way dev's will want to do special thing's with it. Some people play game's for immersion, kinect could do that really well with time.

Third party devs don't have a reason to make exclusive features for their multiplatform games. The only games that would take advantage of it fully would be exclusives.

Didn't 3rd party devs make exclusive features for the Sixaxis with some games? Yes.

The fact that it's there with every console is incentive for devs to explore it and add features here and there.

But overall Kinect will never be a main gaming focus, I think most who enjoy the Kinect features don't expect it to change gaming but maybe enhance use of the console outside of gaming and add a splash or immersiveness here and there with some smart use like Dead Rising 3.

Sixaxis really REALLY does not support your argument.

Devs don't want to waste time, money and resources adding worthwhile features that less than 50% (in most cases much less) of players can use. Sure, they will add a few voice commands and maybe a hand wave or two, but that is hardly a reason to be demanding customers must own a Kinect.

I won't buy a new xbone (even if my gaming friends all go xbone) whilst the Kinect is in the box. I don't buy pre-owned consoles. Simples.
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User Info: PublicAnimal9

3 years ago#32
The problem with Kinect is the high cost of the Kinect hardware. According to a (confirmed) Microsoft employee at Reddit, Kinect is half the manufacturing cost of the XBox One package. That's $250. Most consumers don't want to pay $250 for an accessory that doesn't really offer any major benefits. Kinect makes the X1 seem like terrible value for money, and I don't understand how anyone can argue that. Is voice/gesture control really worth $250 to any of you ?. Is it really worth sacrificing a potentially 4X more powerful GPU just for voice/gesture control ???

January sales numbers make it clear that in the long run Microsoft doesn't have a choice. A SKU without Kinect will happen, it's only a matter of time.

User Info: 120N7

3 years ago#33
I think there is an unrevealed factor at work here. Maybe Kinect is need for some sort of VR headset with head tracking. Still doesn't explain why the Kinect couldn't be unbundled. Strange.
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