even though xbox is currently trailing in sales...

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User Info: phoenix9291

3 years ago#31
Valor_Phoenix posted...
phoenix9291 posted...
Okay so what I should have said is that it had one of the best launches? This is the first time I have really looked at sales numbers at all. This also means we don't know too much yet aside from sales have slowed down in what has been a pretty dry time as far as games go and need to wait until a full year has passed to truly judge it?

I still think this sales gap may be good (as long as long as One sales pick up once more games start rolling out and Microsoft doesn't leave the console business after this gen) if it leads to both companies going for superb hardware next gen. It feels like both companies probably could have gone for better hardware this gen. Won't keep me from enjoying it though.

Yes, for the most part it's wait to see if sales recover. That said, dismal February sales mirroring the Wii U sales last year would scare devs a lot. If Titanfall in March doesn't move a lot of units, then that concern would get more pronounced and would be reflected in e3 game announcements.

If you're interested, this has gen 7 and 8 numbers. Check weekly, monthly and yearly sales. Makes certain things obvious like Nintendo platforms selling the most during holidays while Playstations sell steadier all year long. For recent sales, hit '3M' in the top left and turn off other consoles by clicking them under the chart.


Thanks for the info!
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User Info: Bryant187

3 years ago#32
Valor_Phoenix posted...
Bryant187 posted...
Like with MAG?

I was tempted to platinum MAG before the servers shut down. I think I had 3 medals and 7 escort vehicle kills left. Not a trophy hunter tho'.

This article makes me wonder how much the author knows about games. Makes it seem like inFamous and Order 1886 are the only two games coming out on the PS4 this year.

Out of curiousity, how many online/MMO games does the XBox One have? I'm not familiar with the library of games.

PS4 has Blacklight Retribution, Warframe, War Thunder, DCUO and FF14 ARR; with Deep Down, ESO, Everquest Next and Planetside 2 coming.

So far it's getting ESO. When it comes down to it though, I play mmo's on the pc cause I find m/kb easier for those. Though Warframe I enjoyed better on PS4 since I like controllers for games that aren't mainly point and click.
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User Info: RaRitsujun

3 years ago#33
Valor_Phoenix posted...
phoenix9291 posted...
Still probably a top 3-5 though I was figuring. Maybe I was wrong but I thought it was doing well so far, just not as well as the PS4 which is selling like crazy. I forgot the Wii was similar when it came out, how I forgot about that I don't know but I did.

Realistically, what people are looking for with console sales is yearly sales. The Wii U had good launch sales and then tanked down to 40,000 weekly sales, which ended up meaning 3 million yearly sales(which extrapolates to 15-20 million lifetime).

Early estimates indicate the XBox One weekly sales for February are about 45,000 a week. If sales don't pick up, well, that's Vita and Wii U sales numbers.

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User Info: MrImpatient35

3 years ago#34
Porunga posted...
It isn't even that sony is missing a multiplayer element. It is that many sony fans just don't care about multiplayer. Sony could put a ton of focus and effort into multiplayer and nothing would change. They just aren't that interested.

Pretty much. For example, imagine if Titanfall was a PS4 exclusive. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be as popular as it is on MS platforms.
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User Info: ExarOs

3 years ago#35
CKnight posted...
Sony being open to Free to Play games can easily change this.

Loadout, Gunz2, NFS World and such could Sony a nice MP boost.

DC Universe Online is already my most played mp game. And I'm eagerly awaiting the inevitable FF A Realm Reborn to hit the PS4.

DC Universe and FF:ARR are both garbage. I played both to end game, completed all the "raids", beat all the bosses (Hard Mode Titan etc), got all the best equipment and was left with nothing to do in no time.

DC Universe at least offered something new while FF:ARR was a steaming pile of garbage that couldn't even load monsters and players if it got too congested. So you spent time getting pimp slapped by an invisible mob. The PS4 version has the same problems apparently from the beta.
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User Info: Blizz87

3 years ago#36
Call of duty and BF are just as popular on ps4 as they are on X1. XBL has lost a lot of ground now and PSN is pretty much neck and neck with it now with a few slight diffrences. My major gripe with XBL is that everything is behind a freaking paywall like Netflix, HBO Go, ESPN, YouTube etc. Since Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube aren't behind paywalls on the ps4 it was another reason I switched over.

There will be plenty of multiplayer games on playstation. Uncharted' mp has a strong community, for example so did MGO when was active.
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