I wonder what this board would be like if Titanfall weren't exclusive?

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  3. I wonder what this board would be like if Titanfall weren't exclusive?

User Info: 120x45

3 years ago#11
It would probably be like "Resolution on PS4 is better than Xbox One!"

Oh wait...

User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#12
I don't plan on getting titanfall and I'm still coming on here.

User Info: mcnichoj

3 years ago#13
Finally, the Xbox One version of Titanfall has the superior frame rate, resolution and content to the PS4 version.
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User Info: bessy67

3 years ago#14
I'd still be super excited for it. People keep going on and on about "manufactured hype" but they seem to forget that a lot of us just played it for a week, and it was really good.
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User Info: cheezedadada

3 years ago#15
You pretty much described every single board in the history of gamefaqs. They all discuss "exclusive" games on the console that has it. Thats the whole reason to focus the conversation on that board.


Would PS4 people be making 5 infamous threads a day if it were on the Xbox One? The same can be applied to any other board on here.

Outside of that though, Titanfall is getting talked about a lot because its fun. Its actually quite normal of people to talk about a fun game that is coming up for their console. I see nothing wrong with it.
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User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#16
Don't forget how hyped people were over an update, it would not be dead. I bet less trolls though, they're trying to attack heavy with titanfall existing.

User Info: bridog346

3 years ago#17
Still just as much trolling but less titanfall hate and misinformation.
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User Info: LooksLikeRain

3 years ago#18
I know! It's crazy to think an exclusive is being talked about a lot on the respective console's message board.
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User Info: Aarkshark

3 years ago#19
Aarshark posted...
It would still be Lost Planet: Urban Brown Edition, even if it was released on the PSBore.
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