Coming back to Xbox tomorrow

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User Info: Joey-Zaza

3 years ago#21
And Cloudslayer never logged in again...
"I guess you could say I BLUE... myself!" - Tobias Funke
-StarTropics- -Golden Sun- -Ocarina of Time-

User Info: MidnightJacket

3 years ago#22
Cloudslayer2007 posted...
$360 well spent, the system works flawlessly! :D

Congratulations. Welcome back to the XBL community. Ignore the naysayers, do yourself a favor and pick up Ryse.

User Info: Cloudslayer2007

3 years ago#23
I picked up Ryse used to test my CD Drive and it worked flawlessly and gonna play through it now :)
Twitch TV: - Gamertag: Tsukasa07 JTV - PSN Tsukasa07
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