Really mad with the Xbox One right now...

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User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#11
Exodus_Prime posted...
Foreman22 posted...
LoL! Honestly you need to have some level of "understanding" to own and run a next gen console. X1 requires some level of intelligence. Maybe this is why the PS4 is doing well. It"s the pretty, shiny dumb down console IMO.

It wobbles too.

"The bottom line here is that it's ok to troll the Xbox One. Just don't troll the trolls. They are the bread and butter of this message board." Juzten

User Info: godslayer61

3 years ago#12
NinjaGuerra posted...
Foreman22 posted...
Such bull**** of a topic......Fixed.

Because I have nothing better to do, sure.

Now they sent me that message to preview Xbox One updates, so I go install the app and launch it, and its been stuck on a loading screen for the past 30 minutes...

do a hard reset and then start the app again and it will work , it is on the xbox site a lot of people had this problem my self included ,
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