Titanfall Xbox One to be 1080p at launch

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User Info: evecharmeve

3 years ago#141
More hyped for titan fall. Something online that will last for months, and your also forgetting about all the other weird modes not in the beta.

also this is what Infamous Second son actually looks like, while fun nothing graphically impressive either
One and only person to ever finish Tank! Tank! Tank!
50 hours wasted.

User Info: wnd67167

3 years ago#142
theSpiccoli posted...
To be fair, the PS3 was supposedly much more powerful than the 360, and it did just fine. Please don't bother starting with "CELL WAS HARDER TO DEVELOP FOR" either. It's basically the same situation as Xbone and PS4.

Well you can pre-empt with your "Cell was harder to develop for" all you want, but it doesn't change the fact or stop one from using it.

The PS4 has the power and ease of development now.

PS3 had the power, the 360 had the ease of development.

Why do you think the PS4 multiplats are superior and its exclusives are showing much better visuals than any Xbox One exclusives?

Oh and I also vote that everyone is obsessed with benji. He is a master-level troll and y'all getting played while he get paid.
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