Halo 2 Anniversary is gonna happen

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User Info: Wond3rBr3ad

3 years ago#1
I work at best buy and we get a lot of microsoft employees coming by and I happen to ring up one of the Xbox Team. I was like "alright cut the crap... I heard all the rumors, will there be a Halo 2 Anniversary? he said "I can't say anything haha but I can say Halo 2 was everyone's favorite multiplayer shooter" Well...he didn't deny it and he pretty much gave me a hint.

I did the same thing to Valve employees. I asked them if L4D3 is happening. Obviously they game me the "I can't say anything"
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User Info: Reflex-Arc

3 years ago#2
Are you at the Bellevue store? Ken Lobb used to frequent the EB I managed at the Redmond Town Center years back.
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User Info: SrgtStalker

3 years ago#3
Or they could just be messing with you for the lols and not actually know anything.
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