To People that Don't Care About Sales Number

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User Info: ascendedcobra

3 years ago#61
Both are selling really well and it's still in the launch window. This fights going all five rounds!

User Info: I-Love-Pumpkins

3 years ago#62
kcypher2000 posted...
Actually the ps3 was number 3. One analyst said ps3 passed 360 and he was wrong. This was confirmed by Sony when they sold 80m ps3s 2 months after MS announced 80m.

Sure the ps3 cost more but people ignore price now.

Now this is just sad, folks.

Everyone in the industry agrees that the PS3 has sold more than the Xbox 360 by a fractionally small margin, yet this guy still clings to his fantasy. "One analyst"....oh the funnies that gave me. Sales figures are always important, even now after only a few months. Decisions are being made about what games to greenlight, what jobs to cut, what prices may be slashed, and what changes need to be made and when right now.

The Xbox One is in last place for this 8th Console Generation, no doubt, but Microsoft is in a much better place at the moment than Nintendo is. The coming months are going to be interesting leading into E3, seeing what type of bump Titanfall and Mario Kart 8 give those systems, and how well Sony does in the middle of all that.

User Info: Ramsus082

3 years ago#63
It's not necessarily sales numbers that I care about on a monthly basis, but the popularity of the console I chose does affect the support it receives to a large degree, whether it's more resources invested in optimization, meaning better graphics and framerates, more variety of games because publishers can take more risks on ideas with the market leader, better exclusitivty deals or DLC content, larger communities in the e games you play, etc.

Of course sales matter, amd not just to investors in these brands. Sales effect so many different things that impact gamers directly.
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User Info: Aarkshark

3 years ago#64
nothingbeast posted...
Video games are a non-essential hobby.

..."Non-Essential Hobby"

If something is essential, it's no longer a hobby.

Also, your aggressive "I DUN CARE THO" attitude concerning your... hobby... is pretty humorous when you're posting on a discussion forum about said hobby.

I think you need to go do some soul searching.
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User Info: Fog9

3 years ago#65
I been on this board long enough to know exactly why the X1 is being trolled... My, how the tables have turned!
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