Titanfall question?

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User Info: InfiniteHERO

3 years ago#1
I was wondering with the installs required now and after so far into the install you can play,etc...

With something like Titanfall thats MP only so requiring you to be only wont it have to be fully installed before you can play it? Just wondering because when the PS4 is downloading anything if you play MP or do anything online with the system it stops the downloads or installs...

BTW im sitting here typing this and waiting for ryse to install... WTH is up with this its been 30 mins and its at 3% off the disc? this is worse then the PS3
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User Info: crynryan

3 years ago#2
It all depends on the developers' ability to section off the data well enough from later parts of the game (all the campaign missions you won't see until later on). I assume that most of the data will be comprised of the maps themselves, since they're pretty big and have lots of detail. The rest of the data will be used up by the character models, sounds/voices, and all the other stuff.

Depending on how much they need to have loaded, you could have to wait for the whole install to finish. My guess is that the maps and everything required to play the multiplayer will be loaded first, while the rest will be loaded later.

As with the PS4 stopping downloads, that's due to Sony freeing up the bandwidth being used by the downloads so online play won't be as laggy as it could be. The One continues to download and install no matter what you do (from what I've seen). The few games that I have played while they were installing only let me play up to a certain part, because the next level was still being downloaded/installed.

TLDR; it's all up to the developers. It's possible they'll let you play on the maps that are installed while the others are still installing, but there's no way to tell until the 11th.
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User Info: DeadLock25

3 years ago#3
Yes the installs are slow.

Does the PS4 really stop the download when playing online? 360 does this, but X1 (I believe) continues to download in the background, albeit more slowly.

Titanfall may not have to be fully installed (I think) because the unlocks for later levels will not be available to you anyway. This is of course for the first time players. It might have the same thing as tomb raider incorporated into it where it pauses your progress if the download is not finished and you get to a point in the game where data is missing. I assume it will let you play the game pretty late into the installation, but I doubt it will need 100% before being playable.
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