If you need Xbox Live Gold..

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User Info: Cloudslayer2007

3 years ago#1
Amazon is selling Digital 12-Month Codes for $40 currently, I bought one last night and got it instantly :) - Just wanted to pass the word to the community
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User Info: MrImpatient35

3 years ago#2
I bought a digital code from Amazon last year. I was e-mailed my code within 5 minutes.
March madness anyone? So many games!
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User Info: 8waystomonday

3 years ago#4
Thanks just coming back to xbox and gamefaqs after not visiting since 03 and already found some usefull info

User Info: Cornbread4life

3 years ago#5
Jptremblay13 posted...
I once tried to cut my wang.

GT: Cornbread4life

User Info: Jptremblay13

3 years ago#6
It was too big, I broke the katana

User Info: Zodiac080704

3 years ago#7
Newegg has it for $40 with a $5 xbox gift card. Digital too.
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