Preordered Titanfall XBO

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User Info: Vyse 9

Vyse 9
3 years ago#1
Not a bad deal. Was waiting for a system price drop but this will do. Saw a leaked pic a couple weeks back of the XBO with the titanfall skin and I must say, it was a beautiful thing...too bad they didn't go with that. Oh well.

I guess the point of this topic is...I am not on top of games like I used to be back in the day. Tell me some things about XBO. I'm looking for known defects, problems etc...Is there actually a wired controller? Is Ryse decent because that's about the only game im interested in besides TF. How about a wired Turtle beach headset? I read somewhere about needing a headset adapter. Whats the deal?

Thanks all.
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User Info: I_VTEC_Power_I

3 years ago#2
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