A geographical view of the console war as seen on GF

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User Info: Vinz55

3 years ago#1
This is less of a view but more of a question. Anyways, it's nobody's secret that GameFAQs (GF) users favor PS4 heavily over X1. A brief look at any daily poll involving the two shows that aplenty. I do not prefer either console (I own neither) but that got me curious. GF should be based in the US right? As hard as I look, I don't see any non-English version of the site. Also, in one of those polls where they let you see where the voters are from, a vast majority are from the US. So I've been wondering this for a while?

Why does an predominantly American audience on an American website vouch almost fanatically for the domination of a Japanese console over an American console?

Now I am NOT American so this is really an honest question, not some ill-advised patriotic stunt. Also, I understand the point that it's the quality that matters, not where it's from. But still, when that row between Samsung and Apple got settled in court in favor of Apple, most Americans were definitely on the side of Apple. Similarly, while Japanese and Korean cars have become more popular in the US, I don't see a lot of people saying that US car manufacturer should go away. So yeah, as an outsider of the console war, I'm just sorta curious. Does that mean that the PS4 is so much superior to the X1 that the fact that MS is the home team does not matter? Or does it mean that nationality does not mean as much in the gaming world?

Also, I do not imply anything by posting this on the X1 board. I just can't find a general console board.

User Info: 3HP

3 years ago#2
why would anyone care if what country the consoles parent company was based in? It has no relevance.

Both consoles are manufactured in china so you can't even pull the BS "Murcan' jobs" card.

User Info: Aceviper

3 years ago#3
what does it matter where its from?

cheaper with better specs will get the support of most consumers over pricier with weaker specs

they all are made in china anyways
If gameshark wasn't invented... games wont be as popular anymore

User Info: 8waystomonday

3 years ago#4
The very last thing i think about is where the console is from. But i do think about where the games come from

User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#5
You need to take the USA vs Japan out, very few people view it that way. Many of the actual games are developed here which is what the console is purchased for. And Japanese cars are made in America now almost as much if not more often then American cars.

User Info: Garage_Man

3 years ago#6
It doesn't matter where it comes from. When I was out shopping for a a new suv the first place I went was Mercedes. I'm not going to support Ford or dodge just cause they are American, their stuff is junk, why would I waste the money? I don't ever judge against race, nationalism, sex, sexual orientation...I have no time for that. If Ford..Microsoft wants my money then they can make a console I want, simple as that. I'm not giving you MY money if you can't do what I need. It's no offense as some people are fine with a X1 or Ford but I'm not.

With games it's even more important because in general the x1 is gonna be a shooter box again, just look how they are banking on gears,halo,titanfall. For ME the ps4 will give me much more freedom and diverse experiences. The downside is that we are off to a slow start, but that all changes when oddworld comes haha.

User Info: SoulTrapper

3 years ago#7
Both consoles are manufactured in Asia, so there isn't really an "American" console in this "war".

That said, nobody cares about what nationality the product has, if one is better, it's better.

User Info: UtterMoon

3 years ago#8
My television is from Japan....my console is from Japan...my car is from Germany, and I never once thought about any of this while buying them. Just because I am American doesn't mean that I need to become isolationist in my purchases, and lets not forget...America really doesn't make stuff anymore...and the Xbone just doesn't look very good.

User Info: DarkReign2022

3 years ago#9
Has nothing to do with the fact that it's made in one country versus another. While it's a popular stereotype that American's are against imported products and prefer their goods to be home-grown, the number of people that act on this mindset are actually in a vast majority.95% of the products sold in America are made in China, Taiwan, Korea, Mexico, Vietnam, etc... America survives on imported goods and international products.

Videogames are even more largely successful because of Japan. Before Microsoft came along with the Xbox, there really wasn't any other choice. You got Sony, Nintendo, and Sega. Nothing else was large enough or successful enough to be worth the risk and gamers therefore became hooked on the Japanese-stylized product like Platformers and JRPGs. Microsoft comes along and offers a great console with a strong focus on Shooters and Sports, but people still maintain a strong interest in those other genres that MS doesn't support so well, hence the continued support of foreign consoles.

User Info: BroadwayGPU

3 years ago#10
Let's be honest. Gamefaqs is full of weeaboos.
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