Who else here just absolutely loves their X1? Nice Techradar article too.

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  3. Who else here just absolutely loves their X1? Nice Techradar article too.

User Info: Virobot

3 years ago#81
Tech radar must have got paid to write nice things about the X1. They're doing it all over the internet. Is kind of like damage control.
"In a world without gold, we might've been heroes." -Blackbeard.

User Info: 3HP

3 years ago#82
We need topics like this for the current XBOne owners to feel comfortable with their purchases.

User Info: BSerenity

3 years ago#83
billsfanno1 posted...
To an earlier post that I won't bother quoting so that those who ignore the person don't have to read it ... it's hilarious to me, after all the 1080p/60fps insistence from PS4 fans for months, that when The Order doesn't hit 1080p the ponies start talking resolution instead of lines. Y'all made that bed, can't help it if you don't like sleeping in it now.

Alternatively, X1 is building instead of resorting to black bars. It's got years of advances in the pipeline. It's is not fading around the first turn. So yes, I "absolutely love my X1".

Maybe Sony will convince me to buy a PS4 someday, but that's 2015 at the earliest the way things are going right now. I'd sooner get a WiiU at this point.

Every time you open your mouth about The Order ignorance flows out, lol. Keep on bringing it.
This is your freedom in a life of fallacy,
With no last kiss and no regrets; You don't deserve good bye.

User Info: avanent

3 years ago#84
ILikeGamesMan posted...
The fact that they listen to their customer base is actually #1 on my list of things I appreciate. They realize they are the underdog at the moment, and that puts them in the position to please their audience and listen to everything they suggest. It went from a standard google search revealing some negativity to nothing but good news on the Microsoft home front lately.

oh, is that what they did?

I think your outlook on the turn of events is a little unrealistically positive.

User Info: Riverraider98

3 years ago#85
Well this is sad, TC post positive topic "just for the sake of positivity that others feel is unwarranted...." Arent all negative topics after the first one on a subject just for the sake of negativity? Lol Ive had the same feeling which is why I finally bought one last monday.

MS is doing a lot of things right and Im had some pretty awesome gaming moments on this console already. If U are feeling good about the console dont let the trolls and anti xbox league stop u from posting. LETS ENJOY THE GOOD VIBES!!!
- "Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Squaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! Gt: RagnaRok RS 8

User Info: Blizz87

3 years ago#86
I am glad you all enjoy your One but when I had the console I just wasn't pleased with it. I will buy it again when the price drops, right now 500 is outrageous for a console that is weaker than the competition and offers media features that smart TV's and laptops offer. When it drops to 350 I will make the jump.

User Info: Riverraider98

3 years ago#87
Lol u know how I know u never had a xbox one because you didnt like it. Anyone that has had the console loves it
- "Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Squaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! Gt: RagnaRok RS 8

User Info: slaptrap

3 years ago#88
Anybody who trolls either the ps4 or One boards is just pathetic. If you have enough negative emotion towards a video game console to dedicate any modicum of time to hating on it, you are a sad person. You are probably very poor also.

User Info: RickGotti

3 years ago#89
ILikeGamesMan posted...
A snippet from the article:

"But that said, rumours of vast quantities of Xbox One stock gathering dust on retail shelves have been greatly exaggerated, as the internet is wont to do.


They're wrong. Just wrong. I live in St Louis. You can buy an XB One at anytime in any store. Every retail outlet in the city has the XB One display cases filled to capacity. They are collecting dust. Not an opinion. A fact
GamerTag: xMinorThreat

User Info: PippyThePooper

3 years ago#90
SHHHHHH! Dont say such things! You'll be labeled "negative."
I've always wondered why an adult would accept a non-paying job such as being a moderator. It has become clear to me now that that no adult would. Or has.
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