Does it actually bother you that the Xbox One is selling less than Ps4?

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  3. Does it actually bother you that the Xbox One is selling less than Ps4?

User Info: RedBullWings

3 years ago#21
It doesn't matter if it is selling more. It matters if it is selling well. It is, and that gives a promising outlook in terms of install base and expected publisher/developer investment. That is all that should matter.

User Info: BloodyDove2vs

3 years ago#22
At the end of the day. People vote with their wallets.
Ps4 does 1080p with room to spare ^^

User Info: spacejamjordanz

3 years ago#23
It's not about selling more. One console will always sell more than the other. It's a matter of selling well. I still think that the One is selling rather well, just not as well as the PS4.
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User Info: Spideyknight

3 years ago#24
It's barely been three months, everyone calm down.
For in much wisdom is much grief, and he that increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow.

User Info: bortbortson

3 years ago#25
People only care if you place value on being identified as part of a group and that if your group is now somehow "winning" then you gain validation that you made the right choice or are better or other bs.

Nobody cares because the only effect it would have is third party support and on this planet there is a thing called money, and Microsoft has a lot of money to entice third party support, and those third parties like money and know the best way to make money is release games available to everyone.

Sony has lousy exclusives anyway (please don't respond, "really?" and then list a bunch of sony exclusives, I know what they have, it doesn't excite me in the slightest or I would have bought a PS3 or PS4. I owned a PSX and PS2 and strongly prefer Sony electronics so no I'm not just anti-Sony, Xbox fanboy either) Look at the garbage they had to pull out to make their Smash Brothers rip-off.

The "console war" is just getting started anyway. What are people looking at anyway? A month before Xmas with supply constraints followed by the after xmas lull. Wait for the first sales reports of 2016 before numbers actually matter.

User Info: cheezedadada

3 years ago#26
deadmarv posted...
DarkHoles posted...
Lol anyone who said yes is either 10years old or a pony.

Why would a pony be bothered by this? I think they would be happy.

A "pony" would vote yes to make it look like the "xbots" are angry.
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User Info: singhellotaku

3 years ago#27
not really, i bought both for a reason
Humanity as a whole gets dumber every time you write sonypony nintendrone or xbot

User Info: MithrilMonarch

3 years ago#28
Genwunners are the reason why the Pokemon series is declining.

User Info: MrImpatient35

3 years ago#29
BDJayce posted...
I'm actually more bothered that people are actually bothered by this.

lol I was gonna say that. I knew even before they released that ps4 would sell more. That was SO OBVIOUS to me.
March madness anyone? So many games!

User Info: Far-Queue

3 years ago#30
It's a marathon, not a sprint. The PS3 started off slow and is now outperforming the 360. The reverse could happen this gen.
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