Microsoft Xbox One Is The Best Console I've Owned, Ever@!

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User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#21
RaRitsujun posted...
InjusticeReborn posted...
RaRitsujun posted...
Another recruit for the MDF, I see.


It's quite astonishing that these guys can't tell themselves from one another. The only ones they can fool are their brethren. XD

Busy people only read the titles most of the time. No games on the bone, huh? Or can't afford other consoles?

Lmao. Rustled. XD
"The bottom line here is that it's ok to troll the Xbox One. Just don't troll the trolls. They are the bread and butter of this message board." Juzten

User Info: mygoodluckcharm

3 years ago#22
I agree XBone is the best console to play Kinect ;)

User Info: sexbone

3 years ago#23
just don't be disappointed when almost of the multiplat probably better on ps4 :)
sexbox one by micro&soft : always on, connected,and watching.Doesn't do 180.voice coms: sexbox turn on, sexbox watch AV, sexbox my home.Yes, i'm a sexboner.

User Info: SuperChocoMilk

3 years ago#24
ITT: Nobody knows what sarcasm is.
Holy ****! Am I in Mexican Heaven? That's like white people hell! - Simmons

User Info: Anakerie

3 years ago#25
This is how I got mine. I was walking down the street minding my own business, trying to remember the name of the dog on "The Brady Bunch" (Tiger!) when a giant pepperpot appeared in front of me. It had an Xbox One on the ground in front of it. As it waved what appeared to be a toilet plunger in my face, it went into a long-winded explanation how an Xbox One needed to be in everyone's home for the next 'phase of the plan' When I gently explained I didn't want a One, the pepperpot screamed "Obey! Obey!" and proceeded to shoot the well-dressed gentleman behind me (I think he was from India). So now I'm stuck with a One that has so far exterminated my cat, my mother, my best friend, and 567 Jehovah's Witnesses. Classy, Microsoft!
GT: CrampedSultana
Pawn: Zarianna

User Info: RaRitsujun

3 years ago#26
I guess mygoodluckcharm posted...
I agree XBone is the best console to play Kinect ;)

Nothing could beat the Kineck.
18735 XBL Gamerscores | 45 PSN Platinums - Level 25 | 7101 AppleGC pts
Demon's Souls and DARK SOULS are the real videogames.

User Info: TeraPatrick2008

3 years ago#27
Dude, that was the worst troll attempt ever, EVER@!

(message deleted)

User Info: hazecloud

3 years ago#29
The urge to scream out loud is astonishing indeed.
Games are meant to be played. Why so serious.

User Info: Sithmaster85

3 years ago#30
Cool great that's good that your happy with your purchase but I think I'll stick with my PC that's better than X1 in everyway.
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