Gamertag already on my Xbox One??

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3 years ago#11
Callmege posted...
A quick search suggests theres no such gamertag.

Nice try, OP.

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User Info: winddrifter86

3 years ago#12
Hey guys Called Microsoft just as you said, They said take it back. I can say it was a early gift to myself and never used it until lastnight.

Hey I atleast wrote Achievements. The only reason why I said trophies is because of the little trophy image that represents achievements. And I also agree with Apex-Player saying your total GS is a hassle sometimes.

Callmage. Maybe he never bought gold i don't know what else to tell you. Maybe it's just a profile name. Either way I don't care it shouldn't be on it.

User Info: winddrifter86

3 years ago#13

My friend acquired money from his family and GF to buy a PS4 before christmas so he waited in line to get it 2 weeks before christmas and didn't open it until then.
SyphonFilterAddict 3 years ago#14
You don't have to be a Gold XBL member for your account to appear. LOL
What?! No one dashy-dine on Stavros!
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